How To Get A Thin Waistline & BIG Glutes | 10 Minutes At-Home Ab and Butt Workout!

With this 10-minute routine you’ll be able to hit your glutes while sculpting your waistline. You can do this at home, no gym required.

  • It combines 6 exercises that engages all of your gluteal muscles and the midsection.
  • Try to keep your rest times between 30 to 50 seconds, avoid resting too long.
  • It’s just 10 minutes and you want to give it everything you’ve got.
  • It’s optional to add at least five minutes of high intensity cardio the boost your calorie burn.
  • Don’t forget your diet as that will help turbocharge your results!


  1. I love this already, thank you!! <3

  2. This is an amazing routine! I will do this once I achieve getting thicker legs. Speaking of getting thick legs, can you do a video on closing a thigh gap because I'm in desperation to.

  3. thanks for the video. . I hope it works

  4. I'll be 32 yo in 4 days. Let's see how many greetings I'll get?and yeah I gonna do work out for sure?

  5. Oh wow thanks for video and 3rd comment ???

  6. New video??? let me be first comment today

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