How To Get A Tiny Waist and Flat Belly | 6 Minute Workout For Show-Stopping CURVES!

How To Get A Tiny Waist and Flat Belly | 6 Minute Workout For Show-Stopping CURVES!

This 6 minute workout with absolutely challenge your oblique and abdominal muscles. 4 exercises all targeting every single region of your abdominal area. For the dumbbells you can use 10-15 pounds. Now if you really want to turn things up a notch, add 5 minutes of cardio after you completed 6 minute workout. You can do it 3 to 4 times a week to get results. But remember your diet, that can make or break your results.


  1. ok guys IM GOING TO TRY THIS LOOKS GOOD ILL COME BACK IN ONE DAY TO SEE WHAT IT DOES AND IMMA GO ON A LITTLE DIET TO HELP THE DIET IS [no junk food, do workouts, stay healthy, go outside, get some fresh air,] see you guys later………

  2. Anyone doing dis as ur 2018 resolution

  3. I wanna loose wait I’m like not fat/overwait or skinny/like flat belly is the normal in middle I want to look like my friends

  4. Simple and very easy exercise. Stay sexy n fit everyone 🙂

  5. Core plank is the hardest

  6. Jesus the core plank push up is so difficult

  7. Hey guys I've been doing this workout I think for about a week and I've seen changes?❤❤,my stomach has gotten flatter??.I still haven't got rid of my love handles and I haven't got curves but I'll keep on doing this exercise.??☺?? This workout is totally working ?????

  8. This is my exercise every morning.. Here at home

  9. Starting today and other exercises will keep updating

  10. I'll be doing this starting today,to see if there's a change??

  11. Ya'll does anyone know the song playing?

  12. I have a wedding to go to in about 2 weeks and my mum wants me to wear and tight dress and I don’t want anyone seeing my fat

  13. Does anyone want to start a group chat on snapchat to motivate each other?

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