How To Get A Tiny Waist FAST | STANDING Abs Workout to Lose Belly Fat & Get A Smaller Waist

How To Get A Tiny Waist FAST | STANDING Abs Workout to Lose Belly Fat & Get A Smaller Waist. Hate going down on the floor for your ab workouts? Then Here’s routine you will like.This is a strength + cardio smaller waist workout routine that will melt away love handles, lower belly fat or muffin top.

  • For the dumbbell size you can use a 8-15 pound. Using weights will increase your burn greater hence taking to closer to your dream sexy tiny waist!

So add this standing abs workout to you smaller waist routine, no more hitting the ground.


  1. When it say 'each' then '25 reps' does that mean 25 on each side or 25 in total for each set?

  2. I have a question did it give you a nice stomach and a tiny waist

  3. Okay my first question is will my butt get smaller by doing this and my second question it what is 2 sets

  4. One must do the smaller waist exercise after the belly fat burner exercises or before the belly fat exercises(And also can anyone do this workout along with the thigh fat reducing exercises or it will show any bad effect on the body?)

  5. I start this today and my waist is 35 inches

  6. been doing this for 2 weeks pretty good comment if u want to know anymore or update

  7. wat if you DONT HAVE WEIGHTS 🙁

  8. Hey, do you have a video on how to get slim toned thighs but a bigger butt?

  9. Standing Obligue Twist is the easyest one

  10. I check a lot of workouts handbooks. This one from Unflexal is the best.

  11. I will start today with this workout!! and i will tell you my results on 25/7 so wish me good luck???

  12. post-workout (first time): i broke a sweat from the exercise, but I didn't feel much around my core during the workout. mostly my arms were tired and my glutes and hamstrings were feeling it as well. I'll update tomorrow on how I feel. I'll try and keep with the schedule. 🙂 (waist: 27 in)

  13. I ll do that for 7times a week for 6 months and I ll tell you the results

  14. are you gonna loose your bum from this, i love my bum???

  15. I will do this 5 tines a week at home for like 2 months and i will tell you the results

  16. Omg this actually works! Ive been doing this for almost 3 weeks and you can see a noticable difference in my waist

  17. I was wondering do we have to use dumbbells and if we do what is the benefit

  18. this is what I've just spent all day yesterday looking for, standing waist shrinking workout! !!!!!!!!!

  19. Hey @feminique can you make a video on how petite girls can define or grow some curves lol. Thankyou also how petite girls fashion tips please

  20. imma start today andd ill share my results in 2 weeks

  21. Will this workout make your whole stomach flat, as well as giving you a small waist? I really want a workout that will make my stomach flat, especially the lower part! Can you make a video on how to tighten up your stomach and lose belly fat? Thank you so much! I love your channel! Its my favorite you should def have more subs! I love you guys!

  22. Well, I'm not a girl who exercises a lot, (actually nothing) but this is my second day doing this short routine, and in fact I'm a little happy, because I can do it completely 🙂 (except for the cardio, I guess I'll do it the next week)

  23. Hello guys! I have been doing this for a while already! Gonna update once I hit the month mark 😉

    We can do this!!!! :3

  24. Who's body is in the thumbnail? it's amazing that's exactly what I'm looking for, cause I already have a body similar to that just not as toned and I want to look like that by the end of the year. I'm 13 btw

  25. Can I do the cardio for 20 mins or do I have to do exactly 10?

  26. why do you need to do cardio after?

  27. make more hourglass figure workouts

  28. So how man calories do you burn with this exercise ?

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