How To Get A TINY Waist (Flat Stomach Too) | 15 Minutes To A Smaller & Tighter Midsection!

Want a high-calorie burning tiny waist workout that doesn’t involve jumping? This routine is perfect for you! No equipment or explosive movement that isn’t hard on the joints. Do the whole workout at-least 2 times for maximum burn!

Doing this for at least 3-4 times a week will absolutely help you burn stubborn waist fat and reveal your true sexy waistline curves! 🙂


  1. I will do that for 2 weeks I will come with results

  2. This lady looks beautiful and healthy, but that's all. What must I do for bein' more shaped?

  3. I will be doing this exercise for a week starting today. If i see results i will come back with an update.

  4. Hey guys 🙂 I’m doing this workout as well as a couple other workouts to fix my hip dips and have wider hips and fix my love handles. Please comment so i can update my progress. I’m doing it every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. We can be workout buddies and motivate each other in this comment thread! Good luck i hope you guys get your snatched waists! ?

  5. When you already have a small waist?

  6. I am really confused and maybe I should have asked this earlier, but what does reps and sets mean? Thank you to anyone who replies

  7. Ill do this and a couple of other workouts twice a day for 1 month and let u know my progress, see u february 9

  8. Overfull fat legs slim exercise

  9. LOVING THIS! I will be doing this workout!

  10. Omd I beg u to do a get fit with me++ I fricking luv your workouts❣️❣️♥️

  11. this year im gonna need more videos like this one! can't wait to get toned! ❤️

  12. I'm not finna play anymore in 2018? I'm doing these workouts and I'm gonna look SNATCHED!?️‍♂️❤

  13. This is going be my best waist workout video…..I DON'T HAVE TO GET ON THE FLOOR!!!!?

  14. lower abs please! for the mamas!

  15. i'll do this and 1-2 other workouts on this channel 4-5 times a week and update on the 1st of february,,

  16. Can we have a non standing workout version of tiny waist tight stomach? Please

  17. I love these to do …

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  18. It's 2018 no time for games y'all better do these exercises and make this your year cuz summer 2k18 I'm funa b snatched how bout u

  19. I always be ready to click the vidoe as soon i get the notification of the channel i love your workout it motives me

  20. A video I've been needing, thankyou for uploading this and helping me keep In shape ❤

  21. First Comment!!!!! 🙂 Will Try out this workout!!! Thank You!!!! 😀

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