How to Get AWAY with Breaking the DRESS CODE | Clothing Hacks EVERY Girl Must Know !!


  1. Happy Friday!!!
    Leave anymore back to school requests you have 😉 hehe hope you guys enjoyed this I know it is a little different!


  2. We aren't allowed to wear skinned tone anything

  3. i dont get it. somehow shoulders have something to do with sex

  4. But in our school isn't allowed even wearing stockings the way you did.. also a little bit shoulders isn't allowed too.

  5. I don’t understand how some schools don’t allow ripped jeans. Because you can see your legs? What about shorts???

  6. For the rip jeans can I wear a skin tone legging ??

  7. 1. I can’t do any of the off the shoulder shirt hacks 2. The only way to wear jeans with holes above the knees is to have it sewn on the jeans themselves. Even if you are wearing completely opaque leggings, you still can’t do that. 3. No matter what, you cannot wear shorts higher than 5 inches from the middle of the knee, the only way to get away with that is if you’re wearing jeans under them. Also, yes, you can’t have any holes about the knees, but you can wear shorts that barely go above your knee. This is why I hate dress code

  8. H&M is bae when it comes to any kind of clothes

  9. Thank you for the crop top idea of the skin tone tangtop under crop top its helpful BTW your so sneaky! And it makes me look much hotter! ?????

  10. I got dress coded 2 times because I was wearing a mid- thigh T-shirt with shorts. The shorts weren’t even short!! But my middle school just had to be a butt and make me wear stupid ugly gym shorts!!!☹️

  11. I dont know why im watching this, i have a uniform…

  12. One time my friend brought jeans with a slight SCRATCH not even a rip, a SCRATCH below the knee she got a report and got sent home because "Boys can't handle themselves"

    And even if I'm wearing a crop top or a spaghetti strap or whatever, they can't handle themselves? TOO BAD

  13. "So you can be dress code appropriahte" such sass

  14. This year, my school put uniforms! ???

  15. At my school, your gym clothes have to follow the dress code, even though athletic shorts almost never go below the fingertips.

  16. I'm breaking the dress code on the first day

  17. none of those were allowed at my highschool

  18. My school doesn't allow stockings under shorts, because the shorts above them need to be fingertip length for some reason?

  19. Everything is her "favorite thing ever" tbh ?

  20. Maybe you haunt been to school in a bop but none of these are sneaky or not attract teachers annoying slips sooooo

  21. What the point with not being able to where off the shoulders it's not like a guy will walk past you and say 'wow you have sexy shoulders' like what?!? ?

  22. I don't understand american schools…

    At my school basically every outfit is okay, as long as you are wearing clothes.

  23. At my school we're not even allowed to show bra straps

  24. if the dress code is a real one you cannot do this things

  25. I got detention when I tried 2 of these ?

  26. My school is great we can wear anything we want as long as it doesn't have alcohol/drugs or anything gang officiated on it.

  27. my school technically does have a dress code that's pretty strict but none of the teachers care?

  28. I wish the world didn't need these type of videos ????

  29. Even if I did all these at my school, I would still get in trouble. My friend got in trouble for cleavage but my top was lower than hers but I was fine cuz I got nothing in that area, my school doesnt let us show shoulders at all! I got sent home on the last day of school because my shorts were "too short" and "not even close". Although I had leggings underneath, my o,ld man of a principal had a problem with it. Also he was the only one who had a problem with it. All the female teachers I talked to that day didnt have a problem with it.

  30. We have a uniform bc England sucks ??‍♀️

  31. It's kinda funny because my school won't allow remedies?

  32. In my school we are not allowed to carry our backpacks because the staff is afraid that we're gonna carry guns around school. TF

  33. Brallete used as straps? We get dresscoded for bras and bralletes showing

  34. I don't get why some schools outlaw any clothes that show your bra. Like oh my gosh, we wear bras. In high school 99.99% of girls wear bras. No boy is gonna say: "Oh my gosh did you see Rachels hot bra strap."

  35. What if ur teacher was watching this?? Lol ?

  36. Not trying to complain but none of these would pass my dress code

  37. We can't wear ripped jeans even with leggings under

  38. Jeggings aren't allowed at my school they "show are butts to much "

  39. The bralette for us has to be 3 fingers wide and we can't show collar bones

  40. I was dress coded once last year in 7th grade cuz since I am tall (5'10) I was called to the office for wearing my shorts and apparently I was showing to much "leg" well no dur I may show more leg maybe cuz I am 70% leg basically…. so then yea they made me wear these ugly af maroon spandex so short ppl can wear shorts with half their bum showing but I get called out cuz I have LEGS?

  41. At my school we are aloud to wear rip jeans

  42. Lmao it's only the second week of school and I've gotten dress coded freaking twice

    I needed this vid OwO

  43. I dont know why im watching this i have to wear uniform

  44. best solution: wear a jacket when the teacher is around you can also tie a jacket around your waist so it covers the holes on torn jeans

  45. super happy that no one in my school cares about dress code so i can wear anything. well obviously we can't look like strippers

  46. Its been a few weeks with my hair tips blue finally got something "serious" if I dont die it natural or black I wait in the office,-_-

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