How to get FLEXIBLE FAST!!!


  1. This is my first time watching her but she did her intro and I sub

  2. pls do more gymnastic videos
    ps ilysm

  3. This like all my ballet stretches ??

  4. i cant split my legs like that… i want to do it like this video but i cant… struggling

  5. And ur makeup is on fleek its soo pretty xox luv u

  6. Can u do a fitness video on legs please luv u xx


  8. watched this too late i just got injured

  9. wow you're super flexible!!:-)

  10. It doesn't work for me I need more

  11. You are so pretty omg and this helped so much thank you!❤️

  12. do another DIY video earrmuffs

  13. I was a competitive gymnast too! & I love your makeup in the beginning omg ?

  14. +Nicoletta xo i love youre video but can you make the introus shorter? please??

  15. You should do a how to do a back handspring on the trampoline

  16. If you can still do a back walkover can you make a tutorial

  17. More gymnastic videos. I wanna work on my flips and handsprings

  18. I love your vids! I'm trying to get flexible thx for posting this video????

  19. i love the music you use for this video whats the name of the song and also great editing

  20. do a fitness workout video and healthy lunch ideas for school

  21. Make more gymnastic videosvideo

  22. I love how u did your makeup in the Intro and I used to do the splits a lot and know it hurts when I try???

  23. Videos on gymnastics because I want to start gymnastics so it may give me tips

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