How to get Glitter off your skin!




  1. I am pretty sure the only reason people watched this video was for the peel porn lol

  2. You should make slime with all your glitter you use and use clear glue with borax powder in cold or hot water

  3. you should show us all your peelys

  4. I paint my nails once a week, and they’re starting to get yellow 🙂 SO PROUD OF HOW OFTEN I DO MY NAILS

  5. You should make a resin bowl with all your peelings and then fill that bowl with more peelings

  6. hey will you do a diy peel off base coat

  7. Your skin is turning red as your removing the paint. Be careful that your not becoming allergic to latex. Its an acquired allergy. The more you use it, the worse it can get. My skin turned red at first when I had latex on my hands and now I have to have an epi-pen.

  8. “Oh my gosh her nails are yElLoW”

    Yes. And you are a dumb b***

  9. happy birthday video! i'm watching October 28th 2017 :3

  10. Wait she didn't say see y'all later bai

  11. Th I wouldn't care if you touched my food

  12. Cristine:im not going to make nail polish covers anymore. two albums later

  13. I'm going to start making a pili bag

  14. Then again it is Holo so it's worth it

  15. Hey simply my Mom's letting me buy as peel off base coat and Holo nail polish today! I'm so excited even though the entire cost is $20…

  16. You should give your nails a break
    They’re so disgusting
    Don’t touch my food

    Troll level over 9000

  17. When that bag came out of the closet of who knows what i recognized nearly every peel in that bag

  18. Make the "why yellow nails don't matter" your channel 'trailer'.

  19. I am watching this as I let my glitter nails dry haha ??

  20. You can get rid of yellow nails by rubbing toothpaste on them

  21. her nails look like bacon!!! XD

  22. I would pay for u to touch my food

  23. If you like Cristine, like this comment!?!?

  24. Christine : why yellow nails don't matter blah blah blah

    Little girl : don't touch my food blah blah blah

    Christine : don't worry little girl I won't be serving you shit

    Me : can't decide if that savage or not

  25. Cristine I think your yellow nails are beautiful and there is nothing wrong white them

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