How to get Hot Pink Hair

Whether you are single, married, partnered, girlfriend, boyfriend, complicated! Spread the LOVE. Thanks to SuperMaryFace for being patient and having the guts to wear this color


  1. This guy is so fucking annoying

  2. her eyes there beautiful they pop with the hair color <3

  3. Guy Tang you can do @wengie 's hair

  4. that was not hot pink that was purple

  5. Having Guy color my hair is on my bucket list!!!! I really really hope my dream will come true some day!!!

  6. It is simply amazing how beautiful all of your work is!!!!!!!!

  7. If he was my hairstylist it would be very awkward because i'm not a talkive person and I have resting bitch face so I'll look like I hate him.

  8. He talks about footage, but he should be talking about his bootage

  9. What dye do you use for her hair

  10. Getting my hair dyed soon any tips guy

  11. I am starting Cosmetology School next week and I have been watching your videos it blows my mind how good you are you just so awesome at what you do I really look up to you??????????????

  12. Guy Tang what hair dye do you use to make her hair looks colors

  13. I didn't know Guy Tang was from Oklahoma. I am from Tulsa Oklahoma. GUY come save my hair!

  14. Love watching ur videos..would love for u to do my hair this color…don't trust any stylist around here…u make magic when u do hair…u r awesome

  15. I like it short and it's really pretty

  16. I live for that hair girl I want to be more emo than I already am lol

  17. Her eyes super popped after that! Wow! Gorgeous!!

  18. Shout out to all the ppl from the sip

  19. My mom says I can't get my hair dyed until I'm either 15 or 16, I've got a long way ahead of me

  20. I hate watching these videos and these amazing hair colors knowing that I would lose my job if I ever dyed my hair this way :/

  21. Someone tell me why she reminded me of Marilyn Monroe when she said “rootage”

  22. Either way looks beautiful

  23. Hair extensions look too flat no edge or style in it ..

  24. How much is it to get your hair done by you? You are amazing with these bright colors?❤

  25. Jesus!! That looks fierce!!

  26. It looks more purple to me but im not complaining purple is my fav lol

  27. I farted on my client and she slapped me and left

  28. This looks like a little bit of pink but mostly Violet to me. But I think it's beautiful!

  29. Dis battyman needs a AK or Mack 11 inna im bumper?

  30. Why don’t you act like a man? Instead of a gay man?
    Note: this isn’t a hate comment. It’s a question. Don’t start hating.

  31. Omg you look like a furby at 05:44 LOL. Somehow you remind me of a furby

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