How to get Icy Silver Hair

#Hairbestie JkissaMakeUp is back after not seeing her for almost a year. Do you like her new hair color? The key here is lifting her hair in a perfect canvass for the Silver Hair. I get a lot of questions about not lifting the hair enough (orange-yellow level 7-9) and the outcome will not be silver but instead a beige blonde because the violet/gray of the #Mydentity Silver Smoke will cancel out the orange-yellow.

Guy Tang #Mydenity Formula:

  • Pre-lighten: #Mydentity #Big9 + 30 vol regrowth and 20 vol on scalp and 10 vol mid shaft (old color). All with Olaplex No.1
  • Rootage: #Mydentity Silver Smoke 8ss Demi + #Mydentity 6 vol dedicated developer 1:2 ratio
  • Mids: #Mydentity Silver Smoke 8ss Demi + Crystal Clear Demi + #Mydentity 6 vol dedicated developer 1:2 ratio
  • Ends: #Mydentity Silver Smoke 10ss Demi + Crystal Clear + #Mydentity 6 vol dedicated developer 1:2 ratio
  • All formula with Olaplex No.1


  1. Who wants to have Silver Hair but so afraid to do it?

  2. Beautiful, but way too time-consuming.

  3. I'm afraid to go to a hairdresser and they mess it up. I hope when I get mine done, it doesn't become a disaster >< My hair is hardy and mega thick so if it gets messed up, it won't be too bad to color it again but man.. the money

  4. He knows what he’s talking about !

  5. Wonderful video

  6. You are amazing. ..I love her hair …great job

  7. You are the hair color MASTER!!! Just stunning!!

  8. I fully agree with the phone thing. I have a friend who can sit in one spot and be on their phone for 3 hours straight when we’re “hanging out”

  9. i would like to have silver hair. i am so tired of coloring my hair.

  10. Hi guy, when you say to do a 1:2 ratio to make it acidic, does that mean the more developer you use the more acidic it is? Or is it a special acidic developer? Thanks Hun x

  11. If guy tang fried my hair off by accident, i wouldnt even be mad cause…its guy tang

  12. I love watching your videos. In September I'll be in college to get into the hair industry. Your videos are very educational!!!!

  13. Hi Guy ?

    I have long brown hair which has been dyed dark brown and I want to go to short and platinum balayage

    Hairdressers that I have gone to has said that they can’t get it lighter than an orange brass shade. Do you suggest I go to a really expensive salon? The ones I have tried are pretty basic….

    I just want what I want ? but I don’t know what to do to get it…

    Any advise??

  14. I so want my hair done today need that bleach

  15. How much do you charge Oh My Goddess! Looks amazing

  16. Gorgeous hair and I learned some new techniques, thanks!!

  17. i would like to do a smoky saphire blue permanent like the feiraa smoky pastel but that crap came out of my hair in a month back to blonde and its supposed to be level 3 ……any help would be awesome your hair stuff is the shit

  18. How did you get her roots dark???? I can’t do it!!!!!!

  19. Im planning on dying my hair white but the bleaching kinda scares me any tips

  20. I’m ready to stop coloring my hair. I started going gray at the age of 30 and began coloring it a few years later. Now at the age of 61 I’m ready to have my medium brown hair bleached and dyed silver.

  21. It is so discouraging that there are thousands and thousands of people doing blond hair for people in salons and they do not possess your knowledge. I had someone do my hair last year–a very expensive salon and it was the owner who did my hair and she damaged my hair so much and did nothing you did in order to protect it. My hair was in knots and I was in the chair for 11 hours, and when she took out the foils, the bleach was totally crumbled, and I still had root shadow and a ton of strands all over that she nevr even dyed and I paid almost $1000.

  22. greetings from the Czech republic, your work is incredible and videos the best of what I found here. so I ask for help.!! I was dyed by a brunette, I wish Silver- Ash Ombre. please help me find the sleeping products to get this wash. I thank you in advance and just give it to you

  23. Can I put 8ss on a level 8/9?

  24. I'm going silver this fridayyyyyyy! YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS ??????????????????????

  25. I love he wares a shirt the color of the hair color his doing

  26. When you were explaining how the color will develop and what base is necessary I was dying. Idk why but this was the most interesting video I’ve watched ever! ❤️

  27. If ever that i want to bleach my hair, i want it to be done professionally someone who knows how to do it well..rather than having it cheap and regret it in the end.. Someone like Guy Tang..???

  28. You’re so skilled! I’ve been bleaching my hair at home for like 10 years which have resulted in damaged hair :/ I wish I knew these things earlier!

  29. What do you use to bleach hair if it's black but you want it platinum blonde?

  30. I would like to see Guy work with someone who has natural graying hair but has been using box color to hide it. I'd like to see the color correction process and remaining steps to this silver. I want so badly to embrace my gray but my hair is really long and i've been using anything from dark brown to black for the last decade or so to chase the gray and i'm really curious to see how this process works for someone with natural graying hair before i do it to mine.

  31. Te necesito peluquero eres el mejor que e visto dios te bendiga.

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