How to Get Rid Of Oily Hair?


Oily hair can be really frustrating. It looks dirty and stringy even when you wash it regularly. If you’re tired of styling your hair in a pony tails and buns and you want a healthy and clean looking hair – we have a solution!

Hormonal influence, bad diet, genetic predisposition, medications and hot weather can all contribute to oily hair. Less oily hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you in a battle with greasy hair:

1) Daily stimulate your scalp.

By stimulating and massaging your scalp daily, you’ll improve circulation. Bad circulation prevents nutrients from reaching the hair. Massage your scalp at least 3 minutes per day. You can massage dry or wet scalp, whatever suits you the best. How to do it?

wet scalp massage

Pour a small amount of shampoo (or conditioner) into your hand. Rub your hands together, and apply the shampoo onto your hair. Using your fingers, start to massage your head slowly in small circles. Begin at your front hairline. Massage it for 3-5 minutes everyday.

dry scalp massage

Massage the same way as explained above but without adding any hair products.

2) Wash your hair regularly.

Opinions are divided about hair washing. Some articles recommend to wash hair regularly but some are against it. Whom to trust? We investigated reliable resources and have found out that you actually should wash your hair regularly! It’s recommended to wash oily hair every day.

Shampoos are intended to rid the environmental dirt, hair styling products and sweat. There are many different brands and types for all hair problems. Oily hair can occur if you are using the wrong shampoo. Some types are too aggressive for oily hair. Aggressive shampoo can irritate hair scalp and increase oil production. To avoid that, try gentle shampoo and see how it works for your oily hair.

3) Try homemade hair masks.

Many hair products are full of chemicals and synthetics that can upset hair’s natural balance.

Luckily, healthy and beautiful hair doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can make your own hair remedies in your own salon at home.  If you want to try out some home remedies for hair, check out our article with easy but effective DIY homemade masks.

Hair Homemade Mask

4) Avoid brushing.

You don’t need to have a straggly hair to get rid of oily hair. Indeed, you can brush it but it’s more important how you do it and how often you do it. Correctly brushing helps your hair to stay healthy and clean.

minimize hair brushing

Brush helps distribute the oil from the scalp to the rest of the hair. Try to brush it once a day or for better results – every few days. Get rid of tangles with your fingers.

don’t brush it too vigorously

Don’t be too harsh! Divide your hair in few sections and slowly brush it. Your hair will appreciate it!

use natural bristle brush

Hor healthy hair, use natural bristle brush. This type of hair brush isn’t only good for oily hair but also for all other types of hair. Choose the one with widely spaced teeth. It’s more expensive but you can use it for years.

– clean your brush regularly

You would be surprised at how many ladies don’t clean their hair brushes! They are often full of hair and other nasty things like dust, oil, mites, conditioner and germs. If your hair brush isn’t clean, how can you expect your hair to be?

5) Hormones.

Are you stressed out? You take birth control pills? Hormones may affect the oiliness of your hair! When hormones are imbalanced, our body produces more sebum, making our hair more oily.

6) Eat healthy!

Bad and unhealthy diet can have an effect on your hair, too! Try to include more vegetables and fruits into your diet, as well as fish. Avoid fat and fast foods.

Healthy Food

7) Add supplements to your diet.

Zinc and vitamins A & D are right supplements for oily hair. They can help and correct sebum imbalances.

8) Be careful about water temperature.

Wash your hair in cold or lukewarm water. Cold or lukewarm water is best for oily hair because it slows down oil production and tighten pores.

9) Hair products reduction.

There are so many hair styling products on the market and we usually want to try them all! Unfortunately, many of them aren’t good for our hair. If you can’t style your hair without some of those products, at least try to avoid greasy and oily hair stylers.

Now when you know what you’ve been doing wrong, it’s time for a healthy  and pretty hair!

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