How to Get Rid of Razor Burn?


I have tried so many things to have a smooth and nice shaving experience, but I always ended up with awful razor burns. Luckily, a friend of mine shared this shaving method with me, and it really, really works! At the beginning I was having doubts, because it sounded so inexpensive and simple. Today, I am super happy with my new shaving method and I am living burn-free life.

To avoid razor burns, you’ll need conditioner, pure mineral oil and a brand new razor.  Yes, it’s that simple!

 8 Steps How to Shave your Ladyparts Like a Pro:

Step 1:

Trim your pubes with a scissor.  Trim them as short as you can.

Step 2:

Take a long, hot bath or shower and wash your lady parts. Having clean skin is crucial to preventing infections. Because of that, it’s strongly recommended to shave in a shower/tub or immediately after a shower/bath.

Step 3:

Apply some conditioner to make the pubes softer. Leave it on for few seconds. Conditioner softens skin and hair and allows more effective hair removal.

Step 4:

Wash off the conditioner.

Step 5:

Apply a lot of pure mineral oil (without additives or scent) to the areas you’re going to shave. Massage the areas for few minutes with the oil. If you don’t have mineral oil, you can use coconut or grapeseed oil.

Step 6:

Shave areas with a brand new razor. Don’t use old razors that are dirty and dull. They will cut and irritate your skin. First shave along the hair and then against it for a smoother finish. While shaving, keep rinsing the area with water to see what you’re doing. Keep re-applying lots of mineral oil.

Step 7:

After you’re done shaving, rinse your skin off with water and dry it gently with a clean towel. Apply oil to calm the skin. If necessary, you can also apply it before bedtime.

So that is it! With this easy and simple method, you’ll no longer have to deal with razor burns/bumps, pimples, tenderness, ingrown hairs and redness. You can also apply this shaving method to your legs or any other shaving areas. It leaves a shiny and beautiful finish to your skin.

 The most important tips when it comes to hair removal:

1. Always use a clean and sharp tool.

2. Always try to remove hair in the same direction as it grows.

3. Always moisturize after shaving.
How to Shave your Ladyparts

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