How To Get Slim Thighs FAST | 6 Minute Thigh Fat Burning Workout (At Home)

Want to get slimmer legs but don’t a lot of time? Use this 6 Minute thigh fat melting workout to rev up your metabolism and torch calories.

You can do 3-4 times a week for maximum results. Make sure that you enter a calorie deficit to help speed up your fat burn.

Give it a try! ?


  1. Why would you want thin thighs doe??? Big thighs make you look like u have a big butt….

  2. More big butt with no equipment workouts pleassse !

  3. READ THIS COMMENT ::::: i have done so many of these videos and downloaded a couple pictures of their 30 day workout challenges. IT WORKS . of course 12 weeks is when you see a large difference and even people see it , but its worth the long time!! Now i feel bomb in my own skin and i catch jealousy and lust girl! But remember to have a healthy diet , meaning DRINK WATER EAT CLEAN !! GOOD LUCK !! ?

  4. Can you do a video about chest exercises? Love the vids btw! ?

  5. You always come to my rescue. ^^

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