How to Get Volume Without Hair Extensions

Many of you requested it: How to get volume without hair extensions! These are all the tips and tricks, so just take what you like and what works for you!

My hair is fine and I know many of you have thin hair so I wanted to make a video that will help you make your hair more voluminous! I hope this video helps you learn how to add volume and get fuller hair whether you’re dealing with thinning hair or you just want your hair to look thicker!


  1. Hi everyone! I can’t choose what to buy between the OUAI Texturizing Spray and the Bumble and bumble Dryspun finish. I’d like to add volume and texture to my hair, in order to give them a fuller appearance.. Anyone that can help me to make the right choice? Kayley I love watching your videos, they are always very helpful and informative! Thanks! Kisses from Italy ?

  2. Do you have any tips for blow drying really thick hair quickly? If I don't, it takes up to 12 hours for my hair to dry!

  3. I have pretty thick hair and rarely even add products to it. It only really needs help with volume at roots. But I only air dry my hair.

  4. But what happens if I want to CONTROL the volume? My problem is that I have a lot of hair and when I dry it, I look like a lion and I always ended up using the straightener…

  5. How are your teeth so white?!?!?

  6. It's the first time I'm seeing you use this background and I find that it somehow washes you out?

  7. Hi Kayley. I'm a dancer and i have my hair up most of the time. I've noticed a lot of damage and breakage because of the hair bands so what would recommend? I have to keep my hair away from my face.

  8. The Kristin ess thickening spray makes my roots super frizzy and dry looking and I have oily hair 🙁

  9. How can I stop flyaways/ breakage around my part? It seems like no matter how I part my hair I have crazy fly sways and wax just makes my hair greasy later in the day.

  10. Can you do a Dolores hair tutorial from HBO's Westworld

  11. Could you do any videos for people with very short hair. like men's hair tips?

  12. Can u do hairstyles (specifically braids) with black hair. Braids just disappear with black hair

  13. Hi Kayley, what size barrel do you recommend for curling your hair to add volume??

  14. Great tips and a lot of good products! Thank you!

  15. I swear I was heading staticky noises a bit before 1:30 and around the wet hair clips :/

    Update: infact throughout the whole video I was hearing staticky sounds like something was rubbing up on the camera mic or if you still use a body mic :/

  16. hi kayley.. can you try tutorial easy hairstyles for people with glasses ?? thanks ..??

  17. Could you plz do a video on how u keep ur hair soft because I have really long thick hair and when I brush it I struggle a lot and isn't really soft at all..

  18. Hi Kayley, useful tips! I have a question about another video: I mastered the infinity braid, but I have lots of ends sticking out of the small part you use to make the 8. They are too short to pin in the braid. How can I avoid or fix this?

  19. sell keep noon potential portrait sanction growth taste prediction paint.

  20. Could you plzzz make more videos that teach us how to do hairstyles with curly hair? Hope you reply!?

  21. I'm so bummed I haven't been able to find that Kristen Ess texture spray at my local target in months! It better still be around!

    Love the video though ❤❤❤

  22. I know you went to cosmetology school. I'd love 5 minutes videos explaining different concepts. Like the science behind hair and makeup. (I know that doesn't necessarily fit with the other videos but I feel like if you know why something happens it's better)

  23. What's an inexpensive curling wand you would recommend for fine straight hair?

  24. Can you please do Paris Jackson's Teen Choice Award 2017 hair style please?!

  25. Hi Kayley! I 'm new subscriber from Argentina! I watched a couple of vídeos and I loved your channel! Greetings!

  26. also after your hair is almost dry/dry just take it in a loose ponytail right at the top of your head.this always works for me

  27. Homecoming is next month at my school. Can you do a video of hairstyles for dances?

  28. Could you do an updated best blow dryer. I've been looking for a new one and I totally trust ur opinion

  29. Hey Kayley, could you maybe do a video on your favourite hair styling tools (curlers, straighteners, dryers, brushes etc)?

  30. Nice but I like to air dry my hair & í have very straight hair. So any ideas for my kind of hair please. I don't use extentions. Thanks*;0)

  31. Wow wow wow you're as beautiful as ever! Long time watcher here and you're such a beautiful, smart individual ? thank you for all the inspiration you have given me over the years!

  32. I never blow dry my hair because it becomes a frizzy poofy mess so I always braid it and let it air dry in a braid? I still haven't found a way to make my hair look good so i always braid it or do an updo, I would really like to keep my hair down but it's so frizzy and voluminous I can't (it's not evan that thick it's just puffy), I have tried hair cream that my hairstylist gave me but it makes my hair so greasy I can't touch it, Please make a video for frizzy hair about how to style it down and how to dry it (maybe with a model that has this type of hair), I love your videos so much! You give the most amazing hair tips and tricks, a video like that would be so helpful for so many frizzy girls out there??

  33. my hair is voluminous EVERYWHERE,,i just want my roots/the top of my head to look flat while the rest has volume,any advice?

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