How To Grow Bigger Glutes FAST | 8 Minute Glutes Workout For Women at Home

Get A Bigger, Rounder and Firmer Butt in 30 Days or Less! This quick glute building workout will hit all the gluteal muscles to stimulate growth. It’s very beginner friendly and you can do it from the comfort of your home.


  1. I'm gonna do this for one week and I'll be back with results I PROMISE!! (Reply so I don't forget) (And I'm always on YouTube so I won't forget)))

  2. Hard wanting to Change while your lazy ?

  3. Will this just make my butt bigger, or will it help Make it more round?

  4. So I'm gonna start doing this with weights and ankle weights on the ones I can (I don't have a resistance band but I'll make it work) and i have been doing Vicky J's workouts so I'll have x2 results. I'll give updates here and down below and I'll actually do it. Wish me luck!!

    Day 1 (Sept 17): Did this and it was quite challenging. I did add weight since no weight would be too easy. After I was ehh sore my butt was on fire during them tho

    Day 2 (Sept 19): was feeling it more since I got used to the exercises but I really felt it on my butt (mostly in the middle to bottom) and a little in my thighs. I also did Vicky J "get rid of hip dips" and dang I felt it in both. My butt seems plumper and a little bigger but not to noticeable.

    Day 3: (Spet 26) sorry for being so Abernathy but I went up a weight size to 15 maybe 25 soon but oooo I’m on ?, some noticeable change. I saw in my camera roll I had a pic of my butt a couple months ago and omg I was flat af definitely got changes

  5. Squeeze that ass for a sexy peach.

  6. I am writing this comment for the girls that I know will say "I would do it everyday for 1month/2month, and I will return to give you results ?????". IF you DON'T want to grow your glutes that is EXACTLY what you should do. But since you are here that means, that you want a bigger bum. So do this 3-4 times a week, I repeat 3-4 TIMES a WEEK. Add some other videos of theirs because 8 minutes, 3 times a week is not enough if you want fast results. These exercises are great, but if y'all really want those nice glutes, y'all need to challenge yourselves, with at least 20 min more of workout add to this one :). And never forget that you have to always always work out, that is not because your butt is finally like you wanted it to be that you should stop. By doing this(give up working out), everything that you have been doing for months will be gone forever !

  7. I swear I wake up happy on Saturday, Y'all video be coming on like Saturday morning cartoon( the good old days)? I be looking forward to watch it? I wake up BANG!!! That notification be there keep it up ?

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