How To Grow Hair Longer and Faster | 6 Hacks To A Longer Beautiful Hair!

If you have being struggling to add a couple inches to hair then this video will show exactly what to do. Getting a longer hair isn’t hard as it may seem, all it is it a combination of slight changes in your daily lifestyle.

The reason why many people are struggling to grow their longer and faster is because they don’t have a system/routine in place. You need to be dedicated to a particular system in order to see results, and this video will show you a proven system that even supermodels use.

If you’re really serious about getting a longer hair in the shortest time possible then give this routine try and you will be amazed by the results. If you have any questions just leave it in the comment section and we will answer ASAP.


  1. Coconut drys out ur hair use castor oil

  2. I love this channel it helps me a lot with my body, face, and hair!!!!!

  3. n wat if I don't have split ends

  4. yeah that's the best way to keep our hair natural

  5. i love this channel but does this work

  6. Oh! everyday i take a shower, i can't sleep at night without shower.

  7. Trimming does not help hair growth at all. Hair starts growing form inside your scalp, not from the ends.

  8. lml i dont agree on the "wash your hair four to five times a week at most". like you said you shouldn't over wash your hair. while your washing your hair all those times your stripping out the natural oils out your head, drying it it, cause it to be dry , brittle and causing it to break.
    especially for me, since i got black coily kinky hair, it would definitely breaknyour hair causing it to lose its length. i prefer to wash ya head after a week or two- depending how dirty it is.

  9. So true i does this all the time

  10. oh my God, you just gained a new subscriber!♡ I ❤ your channel!

  11. Best channel ever ❤❤❤

  12. do I put the coconut oil in after or before I wash

  13. does it work for blacks

  14. good tips.. just remember to add drinking lots of water.. as far as taking any meds prescribed or not. It's not for everyone.

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