How to Infinity Braid + Hairstyles

Here’s how to do an infinity braid and some cute hairstyles that you can wear with it!

The infinity braid is set to be the cool braid of the summer and it is so quick and easy to wear. This braid hairstyle how to is beginner friendly and easy to mix into your look. You can use this tutorial for beach, festival, and boho hairstyles. The more you mix it up with other braids the cooler it looks!


  1. Plz do emma 's casual hairstyle from ouat its so effortless and pretty

  2. omg LOVE the last one, if only my fingers would allow for it!! so talented Kayley!

  3. I kinda just realized, you look exactly like a mix between Bridgit Mendler and Britt Robertson

  4. Nice hairstyles thanks a lot!!!

  5. is it just me or does she look a lot like Bridget Mendler 🙂

  6. Can u do more tutorials with thick hair?

  7. love your videos! you r amazing !!! i've learned so much from u already !!!!! thank u!!!! ^_^

  8. I love your videos, are pretty easy to understand and the braid are so beautiful, greetings from Mexico!

  9. what do you recommend to keep the ends tucked in when you pull in a new strand to continue the infinity braid. When I do it, it looks like my hair is full of electricity every few inches ?

  10. can you do an infinity braid tutorial with a cord or string instead of the working piece of hair? and also a tutorial on how to repair damaged broken hair from having thin hair in ballet buns too much please?

  11. I love your videos so much! You're so good at explaining things! I love how you take the time to explain the look two different ways, too! So cool 🙂

  12. Or you can just say under and over.

  13. I totally failed at doing this last night. There was only one part in my braid that looked like an infinity braid but it looked cool anyway.

  14. kayley you are super beautiful in this video! ? and amazing hairstyles as always!☺

  15. how do I ruin even this braid?

  16. It just doesn't work so well with my hair 🙁

  17. Can having layered hair handicap your ability to braid

  18. you are so patient and make it easy to understand. Thank you

  19. This video was enough for me to subscribe. Great explanations, close-ups, and voice over. I need new braiding hairstyles for my four feet of hair. lol. 🙂 Thank you!

  20. lovveeee the braids!!!! Can't wait to try them out!

  21. Oj my goodness! So it's been 5 years?!? I first learned to do the infinity braid with that tutorial of yours form back in the day. 😀 I've used it as an accent braid, and would love for you to create some looks with this braid for short hair. 😀 Please? <3

  22. Are you wearing extensions in these hair styles?

  23. Could you maybe do one of these step by step breakdowns for a basic French braid? I really struggle with keeping each strand separate/cleanly sectioning off hair when I'm trying to braid at the back of my head, in a normal French braid but also in more complicated stuff like crown braids. Love the videos, thanks!

  24. not a fan of the second hairstyle but I love the first and third hairstyles keep doing things like those I love for a fellow braid-aholic I loved it.

  25. Please do a anime hair tutorial!
    i request in Annie Leonhardt and Hanji Zoe

  26. You would look good with medium cut hair

  27. Should be called a rattle snake braid ??

  28. Can you do a tutorial for Counselor Deanna Troi's hair from Star Trek: The Next Generation? The one I'm looking for is from the second season onward (half up, half down), but the bun from the first season would be okay too!

  29. your color is looking good! So prertu6

  30. This is an awesome braid! thanks for the tutorial!

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