How To Lavender French Manicure Toes Nail Art Tutorial

Hello everyone 🙂 I’m so happy to be uploading on a Sunday and sharing with you a toe nail art design tutorial. I haven’t done one of these in years. I hope you like it. See you soon.

  • Lavender nail polish is by the Flower brand called ” I Lavendare you “
  • The white nail polish is by Sinful Colors ” Snow Me White “


  1. Thank u very much I'm going to pick some up thanks for getting back to me

  2. please do more toe nail art, i love all your designs and have tried them all

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better and I'd like to know how is your new green base coat working so far

  4. Muy bonito diseño, y los colores todo me gusto, tal vez pudieras hacer un diseño en tonos turquesa para los pies ,gracias.

  5. I love these!!! And I appreciate that laid back music you used….thanks!

  6. Muy bonito diseño y se ve muy fácil de hacer,
    Disculpa sabes como quitar un hongo en una uña, he batallado mucho y nada me resulta lo agarré en un salón ☹️

  7. Hi Raquel, I love this. So simple to do but oh so pretty! I love your ring, as well!!! Would you mind sharing where you purchased it? I pray that you are at 100% recovery or at least almost there:)

  8. Very unique and beautiful! Have a wonderful and blessed day! ☺✌? P. S. I love your toe ring!

  9. amazing pedicure and lovely toe ring

  10. forget about the nail art, I like that toe ring ?

  11. Very cute love it, gracias que tengas un buen dia.

  12. Super pretty Raquel ? TYFS ? xox

  13. So happy to see you making videos wishes!!

  14. А о трафаретах вспомнить е судьба?

  15. Cute praying that you keep being well love ur work!!❤

  16. Love it and the toe ring

  17. Love the look! Thanks for sharing! Going to try this later this week.

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