1. Desi, can u pls mke a hair tutorial with this clip for a high ponytail?

  2. Girl you didn’t even put what color your extension was. This is the color I want for my hair ?

  3. Your hair tutorials are awesome! THANK YOU!

  4. What is a c stand?! The thing that’s holding the hair?!

  5. Why did it look weird when she was putting the ponytail on. Am I the only one who noticed that?

  6. why am I watching this, I am cutting my hair short tomorrow lol

  7. What color do you use for the ponytail? I notice you put a color for the clip ins, but the hair shop does not have that color as an option for the ponytail. Thank you (:

  8. DESI!! where did you get your top from?

  9. What color is your ponytail extension?

  10. YAS I LOVE THIS LOOK! I'm gonna do this tomorrow :')

  11. is it just me that noticed she showed the part of her clipping the ponytail on backwards??

  12. totes trying this to hide my shaved side cut for work!

  13. I see why everyone is obsessed with you ?

  14. I love how Desi's makeup looks in this video ???

  15. Can we get a makeup tutorial on this look, I love it!

  16. Nice & easy & it looks real & natural and beautiful on you my dear , I am really impressed , I would love to learn from you , would you teach me , let's get together coz I am not that clever and I can't learn online , I hope we can be very good & close friends too .

  17. Very helpful for me always trying to rock a low ponytail since I see rarely see tutorials about this tutorial in particular and have no idea what I'm doing ??thank you!

  18. What camera do you use to film? Vlog? Take pictures with?

  19. Where did Desi get her shirt?

  20. please tell me where your top is from

  21. What curling iron is that?? I love how it curls!!??

  22. Yay! Do more hair tutorials. People don't make them enough on YouTube anymore

  23. Hi ! Loved the videoYou said you would mention color of pony tailIt's a bit hard to figure out on that site. What color is yours ?

  24. Girl if you want long hair you gotta be a real bore and rock a slick back colorless bun/ pony for at least a year … sucks. But worth it!

  25. Does anyone know if she uses this ponytail extensions for her high slicked back ponytails too?

  26. someone show this tutorial how to clip extensions to Tana

  27. Small Youtubers want to support each other?

  28. Desi what color is your ponytail ????

  29. Summer natural looks Desi! Plz

  30. Yes! My Disneyland look next week lol

  31. U look so beautiful. Your makeup is flawless and I am definitely going to try this. I always have issues with volume and length due to my fine hair!

  32. can you show us you getting your hair dyed?? I love your hair color and really want to dye mine similar

  33. So perfect! But the zoom out got a girl curious, do u and steven plan to give us a tour and detailed tech video kinda showing ur set up, what camera u film with, and so on ??? id love to see that! ❤️

  34. Can you link the hair curler?

  35. Cola de caballo on point!!!! love it

  36. Desi please tell me what color you dye your hair ???

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