Want to see how to look cute even when it’s cold outside? Here are some easy tips on how you can wear stylish outfits in the winter time! Give this video a thumbs to let me know if you like it!

hey guys! Winter fashion can be a little tricky with all the layers and colder weather. I thought I would make a video of some of my basic styling tips on how you can layer in some potentially new ways. These tips are a mix from how to look more chic to how to appear slimmer even with bulky clothing.

Keep in mind that these are just styling tips- feel free to incorporate them into outfits that are weather appropriate for your area! I wanted to give tips that you could use in your own closet and climate- feel free to try on things and come up with something that works for you!
Here are 10 easy tips on how to look stylish this winter!

1. Layer short + long sleeves
-I love wearing boxy tops over long sleeve turtlenecks.
2. Turtlenecks
-Whenever people say ‘turtlenecks are back in’ I’m just like ugh, you don’t deserve turtlenecks. They’ve always been in.
Try wearing turtlenecks in a new way- layer one under a more revealing piece, like a deep V jumpsuit. Pair a striped turtleneck with a fitted blazer, etc.
3. Oversized pieces
-chunky knits, blanket scarves, men’s sweaters
4. Monochrome
-wearing monochromatic outfits is very fresh for the winter time- all white, all black. All black outfits have a slimming effect
5. Black Jeans + Black Boots
-make your legs look longer by wearing black shoes with your black pants. Gives the illusion of longer legs bc the line goes from your legs all the way down to your toes.
6. Details Matter
Make basic items like pants look more interesting with details like zippers, rips.
7. Accessorize
-accessories are your best friend in the winter! I particularly love a good hat. Hats can change the vibe of your outfit!
8. Ponchos
-ponchos are a great twist on a sweater. They make an outfit look instantly styled and are a great extra layer of warmth.
9. Add tights
You can still wear some of your favorite pieces in the winter time by adding a pair of tights to them. Try pairing tights with a favorite dress or pair of shorts!
10. Statement Jackets
Have fun with your coat and show your personality! Bold prints, details, faux fur etc.

What I’m Wearing:
Saylor NYC romper: Here
The Kooples hat: Here

My pieces from this video:
Vince Camuto Ankle Boots [on sale now] Here
Kenneth Cole Men’s Turtleneck: Here

Hope my tips could help inspire you this winter! Let me know if you liked this video by giving it a thumbs up and leaving me a comment!

side note—This video is not sponsored.


  1. Carly, you don't need to lengthen your legs. Your legs are absolutely so beautiful and long like, girl, you're beautiful. <3

  2. i would wear turttle neck but i have fobia of being choked

  3. BLACK IS NOT NEUTRAL, however not bad video

  4. Carly I love (you &) your shirt ? Your tips are really helpful for Nordic winter! ☃️

  5. Hi carly! Did you intended to make your roses kinda black-ish color or maybe because of the lighting? I really love your videos. Avid follower here!

  6. Great tips but she obviously hasn't been to England in the winter ?

  7. where you get the last jacket you put on love it

  8. "Put a bird on it!"

    YYEEAA portlandia 😀

  9. embrace your neutral-ness girl! you always look good 🙂

  10. It would be cool to see you do a video like this but for hot summer weather.. I live in Arizona.

  11. I would love to.see you with your actually hair colour, it would look so cute.

  12. This will not work when its -5 ; -10 ; -20 celsium

  13. Girrrrrl, I don't know what you think cold is, but I live in Scandinavia. This is like dressing for spring to us. Here's a pro-tip though: wear tights under your pants. Easy extra warmth! I usually wear 1-2 pairs of tights under my skinny jeans during the winter.

  14. Where do you live? These outfits look more like early autumn wardrobe to me…

  15. You look like Ashley Tisdale! Beautiful! 🙂

  16. I know this video is from last year… but I love the outfits!

  17. I love statement jackets.

  18. I really want to find some black and white or red and white turtleneck stripped shirts please tell me where to buy online

  19. Love ❤️ you Carly such an inspiration I watch your videos all the time I am a inspiring Sstylist and fashionista myself ?

  20. i saw your videos yesterday you are so cool and i loved your tips

  21. i subscribed when you said put a bird on it XD

  22. i noticed what you did to roses. ;P

  23. Can you give some tips for us shorties? 🙂 Are there certain pieces that'll make me look a bit taller? I feel like some things fit so oddly on me and sometimes makes me look a bit frumpy.

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