HOW TO: look fresh & awake when you’re exhausted – Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

Purity Face Wash
Rhotos Eye Drops
Evian Facial Water
Bare Minerals Bareskin Foundation
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Anastasia Contour Kit
MAC Emphasize
Bobbi Brown Toast

Milani Bella Cappuccino / Champagne / Cafe
Loreal Iced Latte
MAC Shroom
Maybelline Pumped up Colossal Mascara
Anastasia Brow Wiz
MAC Careblend Pressed Powder
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder
Becca Flowerchild Blush
Urban Decay Native Lipstick
Girlactik Lipgloss


  1. Jaclyn you are so stunning with or without makeup it’s unfair! Obsessed with your eyes and smile. You are my favorite youtuber, keep on doing what you’re doing?

  2. Am I the only one watching this in 2018??

  3. Ok so I work night shift and I HAVE to go to bed. But I love you and I can't wait to binge watch all of your videos! Xoxo

  4. Hey so I am trying to figure out what foundation to use as my skin color, let's just say I am pretty white (I'm tempted to say your skin tone would be exact) so am hoping you could help me out with finding a right color or if you could let me know if yours ? Please and thank you . P.s have you tried going blonde for a hair color, surely you would suit it 😀

  5. I've watched this video repeatedly and apply it to my skin tone. Since this is my fav video I'm going to leave a comment . I love you and I hope I get noticed . ??

  6. Could you make a tutorial on applying lip liner, lipstick, gloss and when you need to use liner with lipsticks! ; )

  7. This is my favorite Jaclyn Hill time period lol

  8. This video made me fell in love with makeup ❤️??

  9. Can we j take a minute to say she can rock any lipstick?ur a goddess Jaclyn omg!!!

  10. When I put my hair up half way I look like a potato.??

  11. plzz make some youtube turtorials about hairstyles..pllzz?

  12. This reminds me of a Michele Pham video ?

  13. look better when yr hair r: dark brown/black or bright the red

  14. whats the mascra you use for your bottom lashes?

  15. She looks so pretty without makeup, and even more gorgeous with makeup. Great tips Jaclyn. Definitely using those cool spoons on my eyes!

  16. I think I have watched all the video's you posted. Just want to say, even if you were tired….girl you still are gorges.

  17. how often do you have to touch up your hair? does it fade quickly?

  18. i have to say it…..i lov you even more when you don't wear makeup…so naturally beautiful ??

  19. No, don't use Mac or L'Oréal! They test on animals. 🙁

  20. would that eye look work for brown eyes?

  21. In 2017 and i still watch this ♡ love you Jaclyn ♡

  22. I HAVE THOSE PJ'S on now!!!!!!

  23. how to keep younger looking skin. I'm going to be 23 and I don't want to much aging on my skin in the future and was wondering if you had any tips or skin tips or anything that might help slow down the aging on skin. 🙂 hope to hear back from you soon.

  24. How do you not have soooo many more subscribers?????? Whaaaaat?

  25. literally comming off 2hrs of sleep,13hrs of work. needing to go to a buisness dinner tonight. (zombie mode) first thought need to get Jaclyn! HEEEELLLPPP ? !! #DoingThis #LifeSaver

  26. I am so glad I found you on here! I'm 24 with 3 kids and a hubby<3
    Trying to figure out how to do my makeup has been a nightmare but I feel like I can say you have literally saved me haha! I love how you always say you can do this or this is going to look great on everyone! You have taken my confidence with makeup from zero to ten!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration and your beautiful personality!

  27. my favourite beauty blogger 😉

  28. i don't want this on snap, but i would love to talk to you. you're such an inspiration, i have had depression forever and may of this year something i did lead me to psychiatric hospital and you seem so broken and i was like that i had everything and i was so unhappy and you just lost so much inspiration and you don't realize your life purpose maybe be to be a gateway because that's what you are to me. i need you to stay strong because i know that it does get better but you need a change, i change my hair all the time but everything changed when i changed my aspect on energy. we should talk.. i have so much to tell you trust me!

  29. Anyone else binge watching old jaclyn videos?? just LOVE her so much!

  30. I like this!!! I really need a far simpler look though. I work at a prison so being "made up" isn't really a good option for me!!! I love you Jaclyn!!!! You are so sweet & bubbly!!!

  31. I love Jaclyn ?… especially with the long hair ??

  32. how can u fucked up that makeup so bad, omg

  33. Okay I love your videos. I have to say when you first started I screamed "JACLYN! NOOOOOOOOOO!" the foundation looked very Orange! My heart seriously went out to you! As usual you pulled it off! Congrats!!!

  34. I like this look it does look more refreshing. and I liked your hair. I enjoy watching your video it's usually one of the things that makes my day a little bit better 🙂

  35. miss this jaclyn but still love you!!!

  36. I miss the sigma brushes days!

  37. Hi Jaclyn, your videos are so much more professional than any of the other Beauty videos that I have seen on YouTube!  Keep up the great work!

  38. I need to know how your forehead wrinkles have diminished. I know you had a some type of facial once before, but I have the same problem and would love to know your secret!

  39. This video shows her forehead without fillers

  40. Do you have any updates on the bare skin would you compare it to naked skin or anything looking to try it!!

  41. PLEASE do a updated video of this! <3 XOXO

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