How to: Loose Braided Updo

Hey hey! Today I’m showing you how to do this loose braided updo hairstyle. It’s perfect for a formal or homecoming! Hope you love it!

Obviously, braids are the best and you can wear this whenever you want, but I think it’s a great go to for weddings, formals, honestly anything where you want your hair to be a little fancy! I think it’d be really great for a bridal or bridesmaid style as well, because it’s fairly quick, so less stress on the big day!


  1. Like, I get how this works but when I try to replicate it my fingers get all confused and tangled up in the hair and it turns into a mess :((

  2. You know, I keep saying this, but I am loving the way you upgraded your videos! Even for such a short video you can see all the work that's put into it, and I'm just so impressed. You've been on a roll these last few months and I am so glad I am there to see that. Keep slaying!

  3. My hair is layered and I always run into my braids falling apart or looking really messy. Do you have any tips or products you recommend?

  4. Kayley, please do a video of bridal hairstyles with veils! It would be so helpful!!

  5. My hair is dark brown and it bearly shows ???????????????

  6. I would love a video of a hair style with a hat

  7. I’m a man, why on Earth was this on my recommended? Well, maybe I should show this to my wife when I get married in the future.

  8. Homecoming and prom haistyles for shoulder length hair please.

  9. Omh, my hair aren't short, but they're so curly and I can't do hairstyles like that. 🙁

  10. You teaching me how to pull apart my braids has made all the difference in my hair style!

  11. Hey Kayley! Can you do a video about what to do the night/days before a big event so that we don't have a bad hair day? I always have bad luck the day of a big event

  12. Please do a formal hairstyle for naturally curly hair!! Maybe a half up half down? Or anything really

  13. Hi Kayley, I love your tutorials but as a ballet teacher I can never use the “pull apart” step of your styles. Do you have any tutorials which would be appropriate for ballet class which don’t have the “messy” element please? We always try to do pretty styles that pin all of the hair up, but buns can be very boring after a while!

  14. Thank you so much for this look! I'm a makeup artist and recently did this look on a photoshoot and it was a huge success! Keep up the great content love! <3

  15. Kayley!! Where on earth did you get the super cool shirt?!?!

  16. I wish your videos were longer. I love watching you!

  17. Why did You braid your hair but have a wig In the ready shots? Just curious.

  18. I love watching your videos and am a big fan. I dont mean to be rude but please please please can you do something other than braid related tutorials- its getting a bit monotonous. Just something that doesn’t involve a braid would be a nice fresh change.❤️❤️

  19. Can you do a video on how to fishtail braid and Dutch braid

  20. I love your chanel and your great hairtutorials. But could you maybe also do a video, or series or something about healthy living? Since it is also related to good hair quality. Or try some hairmasks out

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