How To Lose Belly Fat in 1 WEEK | How To Lose Weight FAST !!

Hello loves! Today I am sharing to you how to lose belly fat in 1 week, how to lose weight fast and healthy!! I share with you some fitness hacks as well as what I eat in a day to lose weight!!


  1. i dare Nicoletta xo to pin this!!!!!!!!!

  2. Omg u have soooo many good videos it’s 2 am and I wanna sleep but the videos are sooooooooooooo interesting 🙂

  3. What did you put into the oatmeal? Thank you SO much for inspiration!!! Especially the chair trick

  4. Today is my birthday

  5. OK ok I always sit on the edge to the seat because it's more comfortable for me but I never knew it was good for you !!!!??

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  13. I can't do cardio. Because I have asthma 🙁

  14. I seriously almost fall out of my chair, but I look like I'm having a food baby

  15. Geek squad where you at?if you are from greece then:Γειαααα σουυυ❤❤

  16. When you wanna lose weight but while you watch this you here the microwave sound and think"Popcorns Ready"

  17. I dare nicoleta to eat 4 hershy chocolate bars

  18. I'm new here and honestly i looooovvvvveee youuuu..

  19. you are so perfect thanks for your advises

  20. Is it true if you eat a spoon of Peanut Butter every night before you go to bed will boost your metabolism?

  21. Salt helps for cramps and is responsible for the health of the muscles. It is very important substance that our body needs. 😉

  22. who else is watching this and when she says to sleep you make the debate of going to bed and finishing in the morning or just finish now….5 seconds later ZzZZzzzzzzz

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  25. "take 20 minutes to eat" school give us 10 minutes to eats

  26. Omg didn't know about the salt. Thanks girl!

  27. 1 like = 5 Jumping Jacks & Push Ups


  28. Ur the best I love all ur vid

  29. She's so right about breakfast your meant to eat more breakfast then dinner?

  30. Fitness. Ya ok fitness whole pizza in my mouth???

  31. I'm Asian and my mom makes me eat so much rice even though I tell her I'm on a diet ugh ?

  32. School starts in a week and i need to lose 10 pounds or i cant be in boxing

  33. I don't really like fish but I try to eat it ??

  34. I have actually been losing weight by not eating after 9:00 because it's known that people gain weight at night. (Late night munchies) and also drink a healthy smoothie for breakfast (I like strawberry banana) and then second the rest of your day if you have nothing to do…… do little workouts and when it's lunch I eat salads( sometimes burritos lol) and for dinner fish is really good for ya and if you really can't stay away from candy or sweets eat one sweet thing once a week. And you will definitely have a flatter belly.

  35. The sitting one is great for dancers too!?

  36. Is it still breakfast if it's at 2 pm

  37. At the last hack I thought she was gonna cry?

  38. Can you please tell me how long it took you to get that flat stomach? As in how long will it take for me to get my flat stomach if I follow all these tips? Thanks!

  39. About the fish thing, I am the type of person who doesn't eat any type of sea food and that's my choose. Is there anything else I can eat besides fish?

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