How to LOSE WEIGHT During The Holidays FAST !! FIT PEOPLE Hacks


  1. As specialist, I'm sure Fenoboci Diet Plan can be good way to lost lots of weight. Why don't you give it a chance? perhaps it'll work for you too.

  2. I did the workout but I do half of it at night and the other half in the morning

  3. I have one question. when you do excersize let's say for 45 minutes to an hour and you barly sweat because usually I have my fan on, am I still missing weight? Thank you. @Nicoletta xo

  4. She looks like Eleana from Vampire diaries

  5. I'm eating a bag of Doritos while I watch this, I hate myself

  6. I want that Red Dress u got ♡-♡

  7. I'm only 9 years old and I felt the pain and burn omg I'm out of breath

  8. Her dress is giving me anxiety

  9. Did she just pour coke down the drain???

  10. oh my goshhh whered you get your velvet red dress ?

  11. I'm gona do this tomorrow ,before school??

  12. From where is your red dress? ??

  13. i can't believe she wasted a whole fucking coke. i would've drank that. my parents would get on me for that

  14. Could you maybe do a video on how to stay motivated/how to keep new years resolutions?

  15. I only watched because I was obsessing over her dress ???

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  18. love ur videos u have gr8 tips ?

  19. These workouts seem helpful and easy to do! Loving the velvet dress as well

  20. ommg i am sooo frraking tired i did that and my legd are burning i love you so muchh you are so beautiful and stuning o love your videos so much keep god bless yu keep doing like that and by the a tip for you after any workout drink or eat vitamine c i am telling you that after hours you wont feel any thingbor burns just eat lemons vitamine c

  21. Hey Nicoletta can you do a make up tutorial? You always look so good!

  22. Can you please do alexis ren life hacks?!?!

  23. when she spilled the cola I was about to scream

  24. Thx so much for all of your weight loss hacks and exercises u r my inspiration ilysm? have a good day?

  25. You look gorgeous in red! Great tips!

  26. that dress is GEORGEOUS! where did you get it??

  27. These fitness videos have been very helpfu!!! Ily ??

  28. I love this! my insta is @angel.louisee

  29. Why are you screaming though? Couldn't even finish the video ?

  30. ummm, so i'm in my early teenager years, and when I try to do some exercising I scare my parents because they don't want me to feel insecure. I do think I'm fairly skinny, but I do think it would be good to work out around this time of year so I don't get any fatter. What can I do? I don't want anyone to have a heart attack.

  31. please tell me where your dress is from

  32. love your dress <3 thanks for tips and workout ideas:3

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