HOW TO MAKE IT IN FASHION: The Truth Behind Working in Fashion

Ever wondered what it REALLY takes to make it in fashion? How to get started in the fashion industry? What it’s REALLY like to have this job? Here are our TOP TEN tips to be successful! My friend Kait + I answer all your questions about the industry, landing your dream job and what that really looks like! Let me know if you like advice videos by giving this video a thumbs up!

Hey guys! Ever wondered what it really takes to be in the fashion industry? What it’s like to go after your dream job ..and then what it’s REALLY like having that job? One of my most requested videos is a video on how to get started in the fashion industry and how to make it in the fashion industry! I thought I’d bring along my friend Kait to help with this video because together, we’ve worked in various forms of the fashion industry. I am a full time youtuber / blogger, on air personality for various programs [including E! Style Collective] as well as a clothing designer. Kait has worked as a buyer at Barney’s in NYC as well as Nastygal in LA! We thought we would give you the most realistic advice on what it takes to get started in the fashion industry as well as what it REALLY takes to be successful. We hope our top ten tips on how to be successful in fashion could help you if you have ever thought about pursuing a career in the fashion industry! Let me know if you liked this type of video by giving it a thumbs up and by leaving us a comment!


    1. Get an internship
    2. Educate yourself
    3. Be persistent
    4. Don’t take it personally
    5. Start at the bottom
    6. Start a blog
    7. Make your content match what you want
    8. Invest in relationships
    9. Be realistic about what you want
    10. Do what you love


  1. I'm a fashion major but honestly I think I want to switch majors I really want to be an architect I just can't go to college that long 🙁

  2. this was so helpful thanks for the great content

  3. You guys are so lucky that you Live in a country where you actually can pick fashion as a career ?

  4. You should get a better microphone if you are going to laugh loudly 🙂 Good theme of the video!

  5. How don't know exactly what I want to do!!! I'm strugglinggggg figuring that out! SOS SOS SOS SOS SSSSSSOOOOOOSSSSSS

  6. This video is actually so helpful because I want to be in the fashion industry and I want to go to FIDM?

  7. this was such a great videoo!! I'm only 14 and I'm obsessed with fashion. I have my own blog/account on instagram and I love fashion so much. I always get compliments on my outfits and I love dressing up. I wanna be a fashion designer so bad when I get older but it sounds like it's so hard and I wouldn't be able to do it. freshman year is just about to end and everyone's pressuring me on what I wanna be when I grow up. of corse fashion designer is the first thing that comes out of my mouth but is it even possible ?

  8. Please make more videos like this because my dream is becoming as a successful fashion designer and this video is really useful for me and for my friends???

  9. Great advice! I think the sacrificing day to day is the hardest part!

  10. Great tips! and in all honesty they apply to any industry!

  11. How dare u work at Nastygal…. The company that straight up copies designer, discriminates and is a fast fashion company… EEEEEWWWWWW.. go read some articles on thefashionlaw…..

  12. I think this was such good advice not just for someone going into the fashion industry but just for working and maybe life in general. Thank you for creating meaningful content in all your videos; I really feel your sincerity

  13. Unintentionally, I bumped into your channel and found this video, and it was amazing! Totally useful. Please make more videos like this.

  14. This was really great advice!! Thanks so much for uploading it! Fashion is my passion, literally!!! LOL Last weekend I went to Parsons The New School and I fell in love with the fashion design program and I REALLY want to study there! I mean as long as I can remember, since I was a kid I've always been self-taught. I taught myself how to draw at 3 years old and I got older I started broadening my horizons artistically. I went to a sewing club after school, I went to an art school where I first started painting and won second place for one of my paintings. You won't even believe me when I say this but I ACTUALLY thought and sketched, the composition notebook pattern that is everywhere now, I sketched that as one of my pieces. It was a sweater and I was 12 years old when I drew it and recently I've been seeing that pattern everywhere. Honestly, it was frustrating because i feel like "it should've been me" type of thing but yeah lol anyway I digress

  15. thank you so much!!! i go to a fashion business school in Manhattan, LIM College.

  16. this applies to different creative industries 🙂 good advice!

  17. I love this king of videos, but.. I'm 25, I live in Poland, I'm lawyer, student of marketing and still I have no idea how to get a job in fashion -.- I'm wondering if there is a possibility to start a carrier in fashion in my position because I feel like I'm already too old for trying, internships are for 18-20 years old not for someone after graduation 🙁

  18. I absolutely fell in love with your channel over the past day! I am striving to make fashion my career and this video was so useful and the advice was great! Thanks so much!

  19. How to succeed in fashion: GENETICS.

  20. Would you say that you have to go to school for fashion to be able to work in the fashion industry?

  21. I'm working on my portfolio because I would like to study at Central Saint Martins, but I'm still in school and next summer I'm tsking part in some summer courses in London of two months. It's my last summer before application so Do anyone know a good website to look for internships opportunities? And if they accept high school students?

  22. I love this, even though the fashion bit doesn't relate lol gym gear all day every day haha but the social media and youtube tips were awesome! Thanks Girl love your channel! xx

  23. i love these videos! please do more!!! 🙂

  24. Great Video!! I really enjoyed watching and listening all your great advice thank you for all the great information

  25. I keep watching this video over and over to forever remember it!! I am currently at the University of Alabama studying fashion retail and dream of being a buyer one day!! Thanks for the tips?

  26. You guys are living a lot of people's dreams!!! ❤️❤️

  27. This is great advice for any industry. Thanks for always being fabulous Carly! ?

  28. This video was so helpful! I'm going to school for fashion merchandising and I didn't know about excel or that buyers use it a lot (i'm just starting) So that is really useful advice. Also i'm horrible at math, is that going to be a problem?

  29. Great advice! Carly- how did you learn to sew ? How did you get an internship with a poli-sci degree? Thanks!

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