HOW TO MAKE IT IN FASHION: The Truth Behind Working in Fashion

Ever wondered what it REALLY takes to make it in fashion? How to get started in the fashion industry? What it’s REALLY like to have this job? Here are our TOP TEN tips to be successful! My friend Kait + I answer all your questions about the industry, landing your dream job and what that really looks like! Let me know if you like advice videos by giving this video a thumbs up!

Hey guys! Ever wondered what it really takes to be in the fashion industry? What it’s like to go after your dream job ..and then what it’s REALLY like having that job? One of my most requested videos is a video on how to get started in the fashion industry and how to make it in the fashion industry! I thought I’d bring along my friend Kait to help with this video because together, we’ve worked in various forms of the fashion industry. I am a full time youtuber / blogger, on air personality for various programs [including E! Style Collective] as well as a clothing designer. Kait has worked as a buyer at Barney’s in NYC as well as Nastygal in LA! We thought we would give you the most realistic advice on what it takes to get started in the fashion industry as well as what it REALLY takes to be successful. We hope our top ten tips on how to be successful in fashion could help you if you have ever thought about pursuing a career in the fashion industry! Let me know if you liked this type of video by giving it a thumbs up and by leaving us a comment!


    1. Get an internship
    2. Educate yourself
    3. Be persistent
    4. Don’t take it personally
    5. Start at the bottom
    6. Start a blog
    7. Make your content match what you want
    8. Invest in relationships
    9. Be realistic about what you want
    10. Do what you love