How to Make Margherita Pizza at Home – Gordon Ramsay

This is a very quick at-home recipe for making Margherita pizza – using rosemary instead of basil for a twist on the classic. This recipe takes you right from dough to topping. Cook it in a frying pan to recreate the searing heat of a pizza oven at home.


  1. hello my friend-amazing job ;)subbed!

  2. Essas pessoas comentando sobre a troca de um ingrediente me matam de rir SNKENCOSMWODKOWND o mundo evolui e esse povo tá parado no tempo

  3. Pls zoom in more, so we can see the molecular structure.

  4. Why do they have these extreme close-ups where you can't see what it looks like?

  5. terrible video….no amounts of materials given….you have to guess

  6. where's the salt Ramsey? Bad Ramsey

  7. Instructions not clear. The dough is shoved up in my ass

  8. ingredients of yeast? because i didnt get what he say pls answer me

  9. Can I divide the ingredients by 4 if I don't want to make 4 pizza's?

  10. i still vouch. pan pizza is bleh 4-5/10 in taste.
    It can't compete vs a real pizzeria oven with woods for smoking pizza.

  11. sorry but this pizza looks so boring

  12. This is NOT a classic combination of Pizza Margherita,porco dio! The only classic combination is with basil!

  13. It ain't pizza Margherita to be honest. You put Rosemary instead of Basil. But a pizza it still is and I prefer Rosemary actually.

  14. Firstly how the actual fuck am I supposed to follow the instructions that fast.

  15. nice to see but I can not stand so much mozzarella on the pizza a little better and more sauce of tomatoes, usually on the pizza we go the oregano or basil he put the rosemary ohohoh

  16. thank you for letting us to know what's pizza is! respect you!

  17. Zoom more.. I wanna see the molecules

  18. Gordon is always my go-to dude for new recipes.

  19. Rosemary on Pizza? You're sick in mind

  20. My favourite topping on pizza is pineapple

  21. Gordon that is an absolutely awful looking pizza margherita

  22. I cannot believe that he didn't use salt
    Which could have been a clone

  23. What are you zoom in just little bit more so I can see the fucking atoms

  24. What a fancy name for a cheese pizza

  25. What type of tomato sauce did he say?

  26. Cameraman aka ex-scientist

    If you know what I mean…

  27. When a recipe is 2 minutes long, you know there is something wrong. (nice rhyme)

  28. zoom level ~~> microscopic ???

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