How to Make Your Butt Rounder in Just 2 Weeks

How to make butt rounder and bigger and your hips wider? These awesome tips will help you to build the toned butt and get in shape fast! You will get to know what to eat and which exercises to do to achieve the desired result!


  1. Eat more Donuts that's I get mine !!!

  2. I've been doing lunges recently and also decides to make it a daily routine everything I move around my house and it does work. I'd say more effectively than squats (never thought I'd seen quick results than 500 squats)? Good luck ?

  3. Did she say at 6:12 saturated fats coconut oil ? ??

  4. This information was flaw-less. Thank you

  5. Yolks have iron. It’s good to have it. This video gave false info. The yellow is what gives us vitamins and it’s good for women to eat it because we loose a lot of iron by our cycle…

  6. Who else saw the thumbnail and thought " good god those pants go over her stomach" ?

  7. Only you really public says wow continue haha

  8. Tommy no one else razz the grown man from gloucester wants the new girlfriend no on interested were not sure what you mean

  9. They weren't talking to bethany about wash is dekila not boston

  10. Jfjgjgfhccnjcyfdh did i jus watch

  11. How about ppl who have lower back problems?

  12. I have bulging disc can not do squats any substitutes?

  13. Any one see the nip if you know what I mean

  14. im 13 and I can't I'm just skinny and slim and my mom was curvy and had a great figure when she was my age and throughout her years now she gained a little weight but just from pregency still is thick tho and in a good way and I want to have a good body but I swear I will eat everything and can't gain weight !! IDK WHAT TO DO!!!

  15. You're arse is too flat do these exercises yourself you baldy critic.

  16. Before this I got an add telling me to stop watching exercise youtube videos ?

  17. I’m eating junk food while watching this..

  18. is it ok doing work out in the morning before takng a bath pls do reply thank you

  19. Look up "cholesterol myth" on YouTube, and eat THE WHOLE EGG, always! The yolk is amazing for you!

  20. Mam please give me solutions of wratches on my abdomen I'm unmarried but my weight is 68kg please tell me also weight loss

  21. It’s all in the hips it’s all In the hips (happy Gilmore)

  22. How to make it a bit flat it's already 47 inc

  23. Im 38 years old now,if i do this excercises you think its effective for me?

  24. 1.5 views just let me know how many girls are not happy about their body

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