How To Make Your Curls Last Multiple Days (Overnight)

Today we’re talking about how to make your curls last multiple days / overnight. These are some of my favorite tips and tricks to make my curls last into the second day.

You guys know I love curling my hair, but I’m also always trying to get those curls to last into the 2nd and 3rd day! So this is a little how-to and I hope some of these tips can help whether you’re a beginner or a pro. This is also super helpful for work or back to school so you can sleep in just a little bit longer! So here we go, How To get long lasting curls!

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  1. That’s not curls there waves

  2. I like to only use heat on my hair for special occasions. This will really help me for when I need to curl my hair for those times!

  3. I'm just looking for curls that last more then 10 minutes

  4. Can anyone tell me why my hair looks dry and tangles after it's curled (versus soft and silky before)? What can I do about it?

  5. You look like the actress Robin Wright. So beautiful!

  6. When you wrap your hair in a loose bun to sleep in, you don't find that your curls that go the opposite way you rotate the hair into the bun try to curl the opposite way the next morning ? I've tried this and even tried to rotate my hair very loosely and my left side always gets messed up and I have to go in and curl my whole head again in the morning

  7. Love the style of this video also the vid!???

  8. What was the hair clip you used?

  9. Too much products on your hair is not really good …

  10. my daughter has really curly hair…. she's 11. do you have any ideas or products for keeping them cute and curly. someday she will sirens an hour on her hair other days zero time. plus she's tender headed. I actually have it cut short but long on top. her bangs hang down to her chin. any advice would be super

  11. How to have curls that last? Make a bun, take it off after 6-8-12 hours and there you go: bun waves. Don't use so much time, use a leave-in conditioner.

  12. Hi darling girl. I would love to know what is on your LIPS in this video? Thx!

  13. What brand of curl iron did she use???

  14. I'm loving the way you've been doing your videos lately. They look so sleek and well thought out.

  15. I have a problem, my hair is really thick and medium short length, and whenever I curl my hair after one or two hours it gets super poofy and frizzy and kind turns into a mini Afro ??‍♀️how do I stop that or make it less poofy. Ilysm Kayley!?

  16. The braid method always gives me weird kinks. I'm going to try the bun next time.

  17. what curling wand did you use??

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