How To Meal Prep for Beginners | EASY RECIPE PLAN

Hi Guys! Today we are going to learn how to meal prep. This is perfect and easy even for beginners! Meal prep is a great way to help you control the way you eat and is often used best with a fitness program to help you lose weight or tone up. It’s also perfect to do once a week to make your meals for work or school. When I don’t meal prep, I often find that it’s easy to end up eating something unhealthy or a portion size that is bigger then I should be eating. I hope these easy recipes and once a week cooking style helps save you time and calories!



  1. I like these healthy easy ideas, I will definitely try some of them.

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  3. so useful &
    lovely video❤️❤️

  4. Throughout the week I like to eat a lot of Mac n cheese ?

  5. I love that a kid is embracing his veggies!

  6. This was so satisfying to watch

  7. do we need to heat up the veg salad?

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  9. I also wanna fill her Pita bread. 😀

  10. I love your kitchen. ….and I like how you fix meals for the week showing the use of the food….you get my subscribe and thumbs up……and girl you know you are too stylish not to have a new shinny frying pan

  11. fun doing it together! good way to educate kids about preparing food and eating right!

  12. I love that all of this works for a vegan diet! Been cooking along to this so many times now.. everything is suuper yummy! 🙂 <3

  13. subscribed after this! Youre so cool and your son is so kind and supportive!

  14. I love how you have instilled in your son the love of eating veggies. You are so cute together.

  15. Yay I didn't expect this to be vegan. I'm vegan 🙂

  16. How long does The bell pepper and capsicum stay fresh when cut and stored like this?

  17. The struggle of when your first language isn't english so when you say some words your accent shows (this happens to me a lot when i say 'banana')

  18. r u Vietnamese? how ur engligh acsen like native

  19. I like how the kid pronounces quinoa properly but she still says it wrong even after hearing him.

  20. Great video! But please switch plastic for glass or maison gars, all bpa and other chemicals are not good for you.

  21. so helpful, thank you!! x

  22. Adorable kid! Great Video! Just subscribed, liked and shared

  23. Thanks for sharing , my 7 yr old is inspired 🙂

  24. how long is the quinoa good for in the refrigerator?

  25. how do you guys dont get hungry after eating ? it seems so little.. idk maybe im not used to this food. ill give it a try

  26. This video its really nice! But I dont think you should NEVER put food in the fridge when its still hot..

  27. That was so cute. Your son is so sweet. Loved the recipes too! <3

  28. Just love the meal prep ideas. I have to pack lunches for school for 2 girls and then for my hubby and myself. Keep the ideas coming… Thank you!

  29. Great idea. I normally meal prep, this is such a good idea because sometimes I'm craving a salad and prep 4 salads and by the 3rd day I'm sick of salad. This would allow me to switch it up. Thank you!

  30. great ideas. Thanks for sharing

  31. If you assemble those pita pockets ahead they'll be soggy

  32. I can't get over your kitchen. love the backsplash!!!

  33. I like the accent. Reminds me of my Viet friends

  34. I like your videos thank you very good explanation

  35. Your dress is stunning and your hint of an accent is just as beautiful!! Thank you for the ideas!

  36. After the cauliflower was cooked, I chopped it into smaller pieces and mixed it with the sweet potato croutons for a meal prep side. It was a really good turnout 🙂

  37. Thanks! I wrote down your recipes because I grew tired of my old recipes. Cute idea to mix it up and keep it all in the fridge! Normally I only work 3 days in a row and then have a day off. So I would mealprep for 3 days. But now I can do for more days.

  38. ….so much product placement in this video…

  39. wow I like the idea of the buffet and you just add what you want. nice! Vincent is funny!

  40. Newbie here- SO cool to see you w/ son meal prepping!  It's important for kids to know re: food (we learned in my fam growing up by watching our mom).

  41. I love the way you actually show how you cook the foods etc, very helpful for newbies!!

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