How to: Mermaid Infinity braid (on straight and curly hair!)

Here’s how to do a mermaid infinity braid on straight and curly hair! I saw this one on instagram and I had to recreate this braided hairstyle.

This is a mix of two braids: infinity and french fishtail. It all comes together for this Wonder Woman meets mermaid hairstyle! This is great for long hair, and even though I didn’t show it, naturally wavy hair would love this as well! I told you guys earlier this year: I think the infinity braid is the breakout braid of 2017. It’s easy. I love it. You should give it a try!


  1. Love this on the curly hair!!! ?

  2. Your hair is curly or natural straight?

  3. coloca legenda em português Brasil por favor amo seus vídeos

  4. This is so pretty! Could you do a tutorial on Sansa's hair from season 7? It looks beautiful on her. thank you!

  5. Anyone else's main problem is that their hair is too dark, and the hairstyles barely show up? ?

  6. Who else likes the video before watching it??

  7. You remind me of Lindsey Lohan and Bridget Mendler a lot??‍♀️ Warra beauty

  8. Hi Kayley, you are amazing and so are your tutorials. Love watching you. Please do more tutorials for short hair as well.
    Up to year ago I had long hair, and I used to do a lot of intricate hairdos (a lot of them inspired by you). Than a year ago I had a major operation and one of the side effects afterwards was a massive hair loss. I lost 2/3 of my hair mass! I desided to give my hair some rest and cut it above the shoulder. Now my hair is finally starting to get to norm, but its hard to do much with this hair length.
    Thank a million ??

  9. School haitstyles pleeeease ❤❤?

  10. How did you do the curlse for the curly hair type??

  11. Omg Thanks for the double look both on straight and curly hair! It's a great idea, I'm a curlyhead and seeing this look on your curly wig really inspired me to try it, please do not abandon this format!

  12. This reminds me of Game of Thrones hair

  13. Another great tutorial, Kayley! Love it!

  14. Could you do some quick, elegant hairstyles for black hair? Love your videos!

  15. Please more tutorials on curly hair!!!! Loved this one!!!

  16. hey! can u do a tutorial on zendaya's curly hair for her recent variety cover and also at beautyconLA???

  17. I love that you did a straight AND curly view. Ty

  18. So glad to see you putting that curly wig in action! It can be really hellacious to get our long curls to separate into strands for braids (especially for any kind of french or dutch braid), but this method turned out nice and fairly easy. Thanks for the great video!

  19. I love this braid. I love the texture that is achieved on curls.

  20. Omg me encanto pero no entendí muy bien la segunda parte ???⭐️?✨

  21. Wish I could use both of my arms to recreate those beautiful hairstyles! Love it! Greetings from Germany

  22. today is my birthday can i get a 25 subscribe please

  23. I love your videos! You are so creative and great! ♡♥ love your hairstyles!

  24. This hairstyle is love at first sight.
    I love it so much. I will definitely try it. ???

  25. your curly hair wig looks so natural ??

  26. I love this! I'm going to try it for the gym today.

  27. Wow! This braid soooo beautiful! Thanks Kayley !!!!!!!

  28. You should get a black wig! It would be really helpful to see what braids you can do with black hair, that you actually can see!
    (And I mean a really black one, without much shine)

  29. Absolutely gorgeouuuus!!❤love your channel ?

  30. Love this! Trying it on our next date day.

  31. Hey Kayley, I was wondering if you could make similar hair tutorials for darker hair. It will be great if you could do more hairstyles that pull on the scalp less since I'm still studying and need to tie my hair back but my scalp has been hurting for a while already. Thank you 😀

  32. Thanks for doing curly hair Kayley! I've had naturally curly hair since I was 12 (I'm 38 now), and I've never straightened it before. I've always loved to do braids, but it does take extra special care and technique with curly hair. I do most of my braids on wet hair, which is the only way I can successfully separate sections. I love this combo braid! Great idea!!

  33. Definitely in the top 3 favs

  34. Would this work with short hair?

  35. Please make a video with hairstyles for girl that have bangs.xo

  36. hi kayley, would love if you could do a tutorial for this braid I found in the sims 4. unfortunately i do not know the name, and i've tried searching over google and youtube for it but to no avail!!

    I took screenshots from the game and here's what the braid looks like:
    (and dont worry, the link aint fake. i know it looks sketchy but its not ?)

    thank you so much!! xxx

  37. Wow. This is the first time I'm kinda early

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