How To: Ombré/Baby Boomer Nails + Delicate Linear Marble

? Hi guys! I am really excited to be back on YouTube after two weeks, I didn’t forget about you. I actually recorded a video last week but the video didn’t come out the way I expected so I couldn’t upload until I created something worthy of uploading, with that being said I hope you guys enjoy this video xoxo!

On another note, I finally opened my online store, and as of right now I only have brushes listed but as I make more videos I will be putting stuff up for sale that you guys enjoy



  1. Gorgeous design! Love the marble nails ?

  2. I like your job, I will do this design.?

  3. Love the nails. They're amazing. Where did you get your heart shaped dish you held your clear acrylic powder in? It's really cute.

  4. Hola! Qué tipo de material o que es lo que tienes de fondo en la mesa de color holografico? Quiero ponerlo en mi mesa de manicura y llevo mucho tiempo buscándolo y no lo encuentro ??? gracias!!

  5. You are a genius that technic is so excellent

  6. Love!! I wanna see you use forms more though!!

  7. Oh WOW those turned out gorgeous!!! They popped right out the second she out that gel layer on!!!

  8. Was it just me or did the monomer change the color of the acrylic a little purpley/bluey?

  9. Was wondering why you encapsulate ombre? I did order the ezflow white as you did say it could stand on its own w/out clear. acrylic over it. Just wondering. I know you have a reason. ☺

  10. I love that pink combo you mixed it really pops!!

  11. How can I get your pink powder need that asap

  12. I am new to making YouTube videos ! I have been watching your videos for a while now, and I love them! ? I love this look !

  13. Wow very beautiful subtle nails. The design is LIT!!!

  14. Beautiful!! ?

  15. I love these. So elegant and beautiful ??

  16. Those are absolutely gorgeous!!!?

  17. Gurrrrl…. this is STUNNING! the advice & tips that you give throughout the process is so very helpful. You rock!??

  18. Love watching your video's. Great hints and tips. Keep blogging xx

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