How To Open A Stuck Bottle Of Nail Polish!

Don’t you hate it when you go to paint your nails and you basically rip your hand off trying to open a stuck nail polish bottle?! Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the bottle open!



  1. Thank you go this itโ€™s so helpful Iโ€™ve had this problem for the longest

  2. Thank you Hannah I used the rubber band at it open first try?

  3. I was trying to open that exact otter so I clicked this one

  4. thank you sooooo much :*

  5. Your first hack is awesome it really works thanks for it ???????

  6. I put my nail polish in hot water for 2 minutes then opened it with a rubber band without even trying thanks so much!!

  7. the water one worked. Thanks!!

  8. Thxx so much bruh this is why !y nails r done

  9. I just give it my mom. She got some supernatural powers

  10. The rubber band trick opened it right up! Tysm!!!

  11. Thanks so much the very first one helped thanks a lot!!!

  12. pouring drops of nail polish remover really helped…Thanks a ton

  13. OMG THANKS A BUNCH! I got a new base coat and I couldn't open it and I used the hot water trick and it worked! Love ya!

  14. thank you so much it was totally works

  15. thank you so much! I found a holographic one that wouldn't open, until I used the rubber band trick, your a life saver!

  16. OMGGGG it worked and i immeiditly subscribed because i had a party to go to in 20 minutes

  17. Yay I got my nail polish open!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Great advice but first one didn't work but the second one did

  19. Yesterday actually my bottle of nail paint got stuck but finally i opened it. And did the same of cleaning the top of bottle with nail paint remover. That really helped. But I haven't seen your video that time??

  20. Omg thank so so so much! Life saver right here!

  21. Subbed and liked ๐Ÿ™‚ thx

  22. Thank you thank you the hot water worked

  23. I just get annoyed and throw it away

  24. One of my nailpolish's caps is melted shut i dont even know how it got to do that xD but nonetheless, it worked!

  25. It didn't open so?

  26. The water worked so quick for me

  27. Omg I have to thank you fir this video

  28. Thank you so much the hot water method worked??

  29. thanks so much for the help

  30. My uncle and dad buy old houses and in one of the houses they bought had a huge box of nail polish, and i found a mac nail polish so i got really sad when it wouldn't open?

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