How to Paint Simple Nail Polish Roses


  1. Love how you say it's green and i see it Blue :')

  2. Your tutorials are very easy to follow. I love that you show if you mess up or don't like something so we know it's okay that we have to do over again too. And I love that you have tutorials for people who want to be nail technicians and also for people like me who like doing our own nails. You are amazing! I love you! You got me back into doing my nails again.

  3. You can avoid smearing with a quick dry topcoat by carefully gliding the brush over not directly on the nail/design and make sure you have the right amount on the brush

  4. They're so perfect they look almost stenciled on. She is a ture master.

  5. hi Suzie, i just wondering where i can get the same brush as u have in this video ?

  6. wow I never thought of mixing polish colors like that before! That was SO COOL!!

  7. Suzie, where are your nail art brushes from? They're gorgeous!

  8. where is the best online place to buy nail products such as brushes and utensils?

  9. how do u do that without the polish drying in the cup thingy? can u add acetone or does that ruin it?

  10. I Love it, roses are my favorite and of all the roses i love the red rose the most

  11. my favorites were the middle and the pinkie GREAT JOB!!! (even though I'm not a professional I think you did great)

  12. I love!it I'm going to try this on clients

  13. Painting the roses red lol lovely video like always

  14. You should do a whole nail of painted flowers

  15. can u make something related to sucide squad!!!!

  16. Hi Suzie, Your videos are amazing! I really admire your patience and skill.

  17. What brand are your brushes and dotting tool you used in this video

  18. omg shes so good at freehand, is she even human? XD

  19. I would really like to see how your camerman i making your nails! Would be so much fun ^^ also maybe you can make a video about making perfect strips? navy/marine style?

  20. I love your laugh so much Suzie! I dont even paint my nails… I just watch cuz I love u so much! 🙂

  21. I love your videos!!! You are so amazing!!!

  22. Suzie! I have bought the pink ceramic bits that you always use. I don't think from the same provider but they have cut so much time off of my fills and have saved my clients cuticles. Thank you for being so honest and trustworthy.

  23. u make nail art look so easy! lol. i saw a video on someone doing roses with acrylic, i was shocked for a good 3 minutes

  24. Wow1  That looks fab!  I would never thought to do roses in such a fashion.  I amazed at how the simplicity of the lines looks so much better than something more complex and over-worked (my big problem).  So, speaking of Christmas, will you do a snowflake nail design for us?

  25. What is the blue polish on your other hand called and what brand is it?

  26. it's so beautiful!!!!! ♥♥♥

  27. you are the new age Bob Ross. ????

  28. I wouldn't be able to do that rose because I'm not good at free hand painting

  29. can u do a video showing how to do a russian almond shape

  30. I could wear this for endless time awesome a pat on the back suzie

  31. I love her editing! it's flawless!

  32. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

  33. Ive had smearing problems with top coats as well, but i find that if you load alot of top coat onto your brush and cover the nail without having the brush actually touching the design(like have enough top coat to just glide it over), then brush the exess off, the design doesnt smear and you can use a quick dry top coat. Just a little tip i use! Keep up the fabulous work!

  34. don't think I'd do this one as a full set, but as a detail nail… I think heck-to-the-YES!!!

  35. Wow, u have some nice tools.. Love them

  36. Wow,this is so much easier than i thought! awesome!

  37. you and camera man are relationship goals ????

  38. what to do if your real nail is coming off with the fake nail HELP?

  39. who else thinks that this design looks like that one Mexican candy called Masa Pan (or that's at least how I called it as a child)

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