How To Perfect Winged Eyeliner | Easiest Technique

Hey Larlee’s I wanted to show you guys how I get perfect winged liner every time! This tutorial will show the best eyeliner to use and other great products. I also show you how to fix your winged liner if you mess up! I wanted to make this video because I get tons of questions on my Winged Linger during my makeup tutorials. Thanks for watching I hope this video helps you out with you winged liner. xo – Laura



  1. I love watching your videos , a lot of fun ! And definitely NOT boring like some others out there ????

  2. Okay, so I have tried like a million times to at least try to get a perfect liner !! But nothin ?????? … your such a pro tho ..wish you can come here bad personally teach me on one ..or you can be my roommate and do it for me everyday ???

  3. omg…i love ur videos…and love ur sense of humor!!!i jus subscribed…thks?

  4. How do you get it almost exactly the same on both sides ?

  5. Hey, anyone know what lashes she's wearing?

  6. I don't go a day without my winged eyeliner and I love how you do it sooo much more than my way!!! haven't been able to find a good eyeliner though!! it's stressing me out!! I haven't tried the gel eyeliner with the brush.. think I might try it out!! thanks for your video (:

  7. can u use liquid liner too

  8. I'm going to try your technique!! Hope it works for me!! I just need you to do my makeup everyday!?? #snapchatfam

  9. i love your tip ?

    im gonna practise everyday in the shower now ????

  10. Ya I wish you would have shown a good way to make the wings even

  11. that was so helpful thank you love

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