How to Properly Shape/File Coffin Nails


  1. What color is on your nails ?

  2. Gorgeous. I love coffin shape nails they look so elegant.

  3. can you please make a video on how to prep step by step videos for biggies xoxo thank you

  4. Hi Camila, I like your channel! (I follow you in Instagram and Snapchat as well). I am also from Colombia and I live in Minnesota. I am learning how to sculpt acrylic nails, mostly because I want to do it to myself. Could you recommend me a nail drill and UV lamp? I hope to hear from you soon 🙂 Tina

  5. Very nice!!! I love your work! Do you have a video about this ballerina shape in sculpted nails??? Thanks!

  6. did you go to school for nail tech or did you learn on your own? your really good!

  7. This background stage reminds me @NailCareerEducation Channel ? But I like the tutorial Thx

  8. do you take clients? please tell me you take clients !!! if so I really want my nails done by you ??

  9. You are so talented and so beautiful (:

  10. where do you purchase your crystals

  11. Can you do video on coffin nail shaping using gel and forms please.

  12. best video ever! helping me out on leraning how to sculpt/shape and file! i love theese nails! ?

  13. Thank you ? this was so helpful im glad i found ur chanel!

  14. will you please do a series of videos showing is how you fit forms and sculpt nails? #oldsubscriber

  15. Where do you get your files

  16. where do you get your supples from?

  17. en español por favor o traducción al mismo

  18. This is almost exactly the same design as Betina Faggyas! She released her video 3 days after you published yours! The colours as slightly different, and she uses a gel system, but the design is pretty much exactly the same! What are the chances?! Incredible! You know what they say…. "imitation is the best form of flattery"! Make of it what you will … I LOVE this design xx

  19. I've been doing my nails off & on for a looong time ?, and I always seem to learn something new from you and your vids. Thank you xox~♏

  20. hi… love ur videos, can u pls tell me where can I find the CND COOL PINK acrylic?

  21. I REALLY REALLY like, how you go step by step & actually show the techniques of acrylic nails …. very helpful! thank you??

  22. I am obsessed with watching your video's!! They are gorgeous!!! I just wish I could find a great nail tech in the Des Moines area!

  23. maybe use a darker surface because details don't show up pretty well

  24. Lmao y does she do the tip so thin but cuticle thick lmao it's supposed to be opposite

  25. i love ur work.. and vids.. how did you do your. background

  26. Can you pleas do a nail room tour??! I would love to see the space, love the set ♡

  27. I would DIE for you to do my nails!! your awesome!! just subscribed!!

  28. Very descriptive. Thank you so much! 🙂

  29. супер маникюр!


  31. love love love!!!! do a video on the full set please!<3

  32. Hola Hermosa gracias por poner tus videos tu eres una inpiraccion para mi yo se que algun dia las are como tu me gustan mucho tus videos siempre los miro gracias por ponerlos a mi me ayudan mucho

  33. please make a tutorial of this set
    thank u

  34. Can you make a video showing how to make that design?

  35. What is the the thickness of the striping tape you use on that full set?? It looks so thin, so elegant 🙂 Great work, love it!

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