How to: Pull Through Braid – the perfect beginner friendly hairstyle

Here’s a hair tutorial on how to do an easy pull through braid and a French pull through braid! This easy hairstyle will have everyone asking you to do their hair styles!)

This braided style is great for beginners especially if you struggle with braiding! This will work on long hair or short hair and it’s a great quick style that will stay in place all day.

PS Sorry this didn’t go up on Saturday! There was a series of unfortunate events involved ;D.

★Products Used:★

  • Clear Elastics from Sally’s Beauty
  • Leave in Conditioner to help with detangling


  1. Going through my watch later and I went from a compilation of meme music to this

  2. The fact that it's not centered like the default picture of the vid, throws me off 🙁

  3. It's easier than normal french braid

  4. I have really thin hair. So how do I do this braid if my hair is that thin?

  5. Can you show us the French pull through braid coming from the back❤️

  6. And how do I remove the elastics without pulling my hair out? Help!

  7. Is it just me or does she look like a blonde Felicia Day? I've been watching for a while but it hit me in this video ?

  8. Do you have a video on how to Dutch braid your hair?? your fishtail video taught me so well and I mastered it so I'm praying you have a Dutch braid how to ??????

  9. so awesome, can you show how to do a double dutch braid please

  10. the way she smiles and makes all her tutorials super friendly and easy makes her so different from the others. i love you! you've literally got the easiest tutorials, thaank youuu!!


  12. I am brazilian and love yours vídeos , Cute hairstyle !
    eu sou Brasileira e amo seus vídeos , lindo penteado !

  13. Has anyone tried the pull through braid? And if you have, was it easy to take out?

  14. I think it will look awesome wrap around the head like a crown braid. I wish I could try it but I just got my haircut. And its not long enough for that! ?

  15. I want to get highlights. Should I?

  16. she reminds me of bridgit mendler

  17. You are really wonderfull. I love your hair videos. You give good explanations. Since I have met you channel, it is easy for me to do my hair in pretty ways.

  18. Can you do some easy hair tutorials for preschool kids with short and long hair?

  19. Can u please do a how to do a boxerdutch braids

  20. Yeah but my hair is too thin… can you do tutorials for thin hair?

  21. Can you do a video of a rope braid

  22. Do you have any recommendations for doing this hairstyle on layered hair? I usually get little bits sticking out of my braids.. thanks!

  23. Please do a beginners guide for a Dutch braid?

  24. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Felicia Day?

  25. I found you through Tati. Loved the updo you did for her wedding rehearsal dinner. I tried this out and can't believe I did it! It isn't as great as yours but it looks pretty cute! Easy instructions. Thank you for this video!

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