How to Recreate Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars Waves – KayleyMelissa

Today let’s go over how to recreate Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars Waves!! I first glimpsed this hairstyle on the red carpet and I immediately loved it!


  1. Can you maybe recreate a Morgana hairstyle from the show Merlin? ? I love your hair tutorials x

  2. Lovely recreation! I love how well you explain everything!
    Could you do a video of naturally curly updos for a wedding? I am a going to be a groomsmaid in a couple of months and we were all asked to do our hair in loose updos. I’m struggling to find something fitting my hair texture, but with your curly wig I’m sure you could make something classic and beautiful!

  3. Girl you are seriously the master of the flatiron ! ?

  4. similar to the khloe one, but with less product!

  5. Kayley your arms look amazingly defined ! xo

    Did YOU say "Wunderbar" ? Like what's going on ? I'm german and this made me shook ?❤ love you

  7. It looks so! beautiful!! I tried it today and unfortunately it was a complete disaster. Not one of the techniques worked for me, I burned my finger and nearly my hair…sad :'D

  8. Another way is to french braid your hair after a shower and leave it in for a day or when your hair is dry

  9. This is how I wake up every morning if I hadn’t properly dried my hair ?

  10. I really enjoyed this video. Especially that you used a German word (i am German)
    And this Look really suits you

  11. you should do a video on ariana grande's hairstyles 😀

  12. I tried the feed wave on my manikin at school and it came out so beautiful!! So then I tried it at home on my hair….and failed miserably…. lol definitely going to play with it some more on myself

  13. Could you please please do a few reign inspired hairstyles??!! They are stunning and you're stunning so… It would save my graduation

  14. could you please do updo hairstyles for short/medium hair?????

  15. You looked more refined version of Jennifer lawrence?❤ but you looked best??

  16. I did jennifer lawrence makeup from the oscars and right after I uploaded I saw that you did the hair

  17. Good… you only have 25 dislikes… ᎢᎻᎪᎢ NᏌᎷᏴᎬᎡ ᏴᎬᎢᎢᎬᎡ NᎾᎢ ᏆNᏟᎡᎬᎪᏚᎬ.

    Luv ya, Kayley! ♥️

  18. great tips with the flat iron! 🙂

  19. Is it possible to get this same style using one of those S wave crimpers?

  20. I don’t think this was your intent but this totally made me feel so much more confident about my natural hair texture! Thank you!

  21. Everything was great
    Do more to many technics
    You looked awesome by the way♡

  22. did she… did she say wunderbar?

  23. Luckily you practised the S wave the other day with good results 😉 Love the tutorial! I will practise it for sure

  24. Can you do Amanda Seyfried's waves for Gringo movie premiere by Jenny Cho as well?

  25. The straightener make me cringe. I haven’t used heat for 5 months and before that it was a couple years. Hate how damaged it make any hair.

  26. Why does this look gorgeous on you!!? this is my hair second day and tangled ? and I hate it on myself ???‍♀️

  27. Loved that you demonstrated two ways to get the same look!

  28. “The 80s called, they want their volume back….” mutters “And their joke.” Love it!

  29. I thought Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning at the Oscars! I loved her dress so much too!!

  30. I noticed you don't answer comments but I'll ask anyway. I NEED HELP. I have super fine hair, long, but super fine. When I do curls, I section them and put lots and LOTS of heat protectant cause the heat damages fine hair like you wouldn't believe. My curls end up looking amazing, defined and hollywood looking. Put hairspray and I'm out. But not even 10 minutes passes that they just fall flat and end up looking like I didn't even do my hair. Its horrible. HOW DO I KEEP CURLS ON THIS HAIR? Hairspray just doesn't do it

  31. So if I did this with a curling wand would I just do the same method that you used for the traditional iron?

  32. Can I ask what is the iron brand name, please?

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