How To Reduce Your Waist Size FAST | For Women At-Home

Reducing your waistline isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s very achievable for anyone as long as you’re following the right plan with consistency.

If you want to get the best results from any type of waist workout routine, you have to back it up with a proper meal plan. Remember, you can always change up the waist workouts with other ones on this channel.


  1. Anyone looking for a workout buddy?

  2. Can you do more workouts that make the thighs more bigger and the hips more larger? If you do, I appreciate it!

  3. i'm gonna do this workout for 2 weeks 7 days straight with ankle weights and hand weights and definitely do updates.

    Day 1: Felt like dying on the second workout lol but overall felt the tightness of my core

  4. Starting today will update every week.?

  5. guys tomorrow i will start this workout and i ll try to update

  6. im gonna do this for 20 says and give an update.
    any motivation?

  7. I will start it from tomorrow… Who's with me???

    BTW I am a girl from my dad's account

  8. It truly is simply spectacular how huge a difference that worry really makes; I mean I would have never thought have I not experienced it myself. That being said I have currently been using the yoga burn plan for the previous five weeks been smashing, I have never ever turned out to be in as good shape as I have been at this moment. pay a visit to my review here

  9. Can you make a video about sculpting the face like I mean make it more defined

  10. I wish you would do full workout videos

  11. I will work on it from today ? thnx btw !

  12. I will do this for one week starting tomorrow not including July 4th , you know why ???????? Ask me for the progress each day for motivation ?

  13. Thanks for sharing! I was looking for some new low impact workouts to add so same workout doesn't get boring daily???

  14. I just ate some deep dish pizza… dang!

  15. Please talk about nutrition–that alone melted 60 lbs off me and my stomach shrank considerably.

  16. Can anyone suggest some Nike's good for cardio and lifting??

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