How To Remove an Acrylic/Gel Nail from a Practise Finger

Suzie demonstrates how to remove an Acrylic or Gel Nail from a Plastic Practise Finger.


  1. omg thank you so much suzie, you just saved me from spending 6pcs of these plastic finger ?❤

  2. I was dying laughing about how short the video was and how she just popped it off out of nowhere!

  3. who would knew that so many americans are so ignorant

  4. help Jenna marbles!!! collab!

  5. I am trying to order the kit and it's out of stock any ideas of a date when it will be available again?

  6. can u do a tutorial or review on the ibd gel builder kit ive been having trouble on getting the gel to cure good but I have a small 30 second UV

  7. Hi Susie,
    thanks for the video!!!
    I have a question, I have the finger that have the nail, and I want to keep my designs so how can I do that ?
    thankz for all!!!

  8. where can I get you started kit?

  9. When will you get more kits in stock?

  10. Seriously made me cringe. I know it's just a plastic finger but I couldn't help but visualizing someone's nail under there ?

  11. I buffed my practice nail too much and now the acrylic is sticking more and more. Would putting a hardening or even gel on the plastic nail before applying the acrylic be a good idea to help it not stick? I'm asking you because you're the queen of acrylics and I don't want to mess it up by trying it first, lol

  12. I use tape on my practice fingers, works wonders 🙂

  13. Suzi, I have had my nails professionally done with acrylics for years! Never had any coughing issue, but I got ANC nail system ( a dip nail system) to do myself and every time i do my nails I cough for days after words. I use a mask, not like yours but the drywall type LOL! DO you think it might be the particular product, I wonder if a different product would not have that affect on me, what do you think?

  14. is there a way to remove them safely because I have some with designs that im proud of and I want to preserve them so I'm scared to rip them off ?

  15. hello suzie! I LOVE your videos and especially your personality ! I have a mishaped nail that I'm so insecure about and it would be awesome if you could do a video putting acrylic on a nail with some kind of deformity from birth/ injury . that's will be a challenge and I'm sure you'll do GREAT !
    please thumbs up so she could see this ! thanks <3 xX (sorry for my english)

  16. Do you know when you are going to have more nail kits available I really want one lol please let me know

  17. Warning: Do not pop it off in a real person's nails.

  18. can u please do a demo on orderless monomer please

  19. Please can you do a video showing which files in your nail kit are for doing what and how to use them

  20. It's really embarrassing to see Americans (as an American myself) think they hold all the rules to the English language. Please stop correcting people especially if you're not aware of other forms of English.

  21. were can I purchase the nail kit

  22. Can you give me some advice? I have been getting my nails done at a salon (acrylic & tips & shellac) and after a week they always break (which has just happened again!) Should I stop going to this salon or is there something I should be doing at home to stop them breaking?

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