How to Remove Jewels From Your Nails


  1. If you have a lot of bling secured very well and you try to use a cheap pair of cuticle nippers to remove them, don't be surprised if you destroy the nippers lol
    Source: yeah I did that

  2. People take their kids to nail salons? ?

  3. Eeeek I've become obsessed with nails now. Help.

  4. please Do a french fade on natural nails!!!?? PS love your videos, greetings from Germany?

  5. I just want to give CAMERA MAN ??????a shout out for his wonderful work? you go boy ?

  6. A little work with an orange stick removes them fairly well if they've been sealed with top coat.

  7. any one think camera sounds exactly like lps lucky penny shop dave??? or just me

  8. How did I get here? I don't like doing my nails at all, but I love these videos so much. D:

  9. These are awesome. I like that silver with the black tip.

  10. I love all your videos and nail designs.

  11. Her top reminds me of Hilary Clinton

  12. Your fav led, Uv light and your fav drill, shaper???

  13. Which cheap drill do you recommend Susie?

  14. the three times I clipped my nails, the nail got in my eye

  15. hi! did you make a video on how to place them in gel. i cant get mine to stay in gel. they would last maybe a week. tia

  16. suzie can you make a video on removing acrylic nails, i always have such a hard time. I have tried acetone but it never takes it all off and it hurts. thank you.

  17. lol i was so into the video that my eyes closed every time a bling jumped off your nails xD

  18. How do you do your right hand if your right handed and you don't
    Have any money to go get them done?

  19. Could you teach us how to remove gel nail at home

  20. You should do a rainbow in chrome

  21. Camera men like his girl with bling-bling!c

  22. hi,trying so hard to get products gel,brought so many products building gel from amazon and pretty sad with sizes how can I get larger tubs

  23. Hi, Susie! Please, advise how to remove crystal pixie! I've bought it, but still haven't apply because I have no idea how to put it off. Some people recommended me to apply on acrilic powder mixed with top coat. What do you recommend?

  24. My drill tends to heat my nails up quite a bit. I understand there's friction so there will be some heat but damn. It's pretty bad. Is that normal? It's bad enough that I flinch my hand away and it's a stinging pain for a few seconds. Even watching you use a drill I was bracing myself lol

  25. what the hell does it matter what color her teeth are troll?

  26. Hey Suzie I am a great fan of yours.????

  27. Great videos what does your camera man look like? just wondering

  28. Hi Suzie ! I love this design ! quick question, would you recommend re- using these jewls or just start fresh ?

  29. Hey Suzie- you should come to USA for a meet and greet and to do peoples nails!

  30. I love the buffing sound

  31. what are those lights behind you called? I'm so in love with it I want it for my room!! lol

  32. Can you please do a video on how to remove gel nails, or at least the gel top coat that's over acrylic?

  33. Hey Suzie could you review the quick dip acrylic nail kit?

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