How To Shape Oval Nails + Nail Care Routine!


  1. I have very weirdly warped and curved nails, but I’m still in love with the oval shape. My free-edges are uneven and I always go too far on one side or something, do you have any tips?

  2. What is the difference between base and top coat composition? Is it only the purpose that is different or can we use top coat also as base coat in start?

  3. What is the alternative to cuticle remover? Can we use some oil for this purpose after soaking in warm water

  4. how do u keep them from yellowingggg i use to never yellow but now my tips do. I mean, i wear polish every day but seeing nails like yours make me cry so perfect

  5. Do you leave in the keratin treatment on your nails?

  6. Where can I get the nail keratin from?

  7. is there a difference between stamping nail polish and regular nail polish? the one which I am using that did not work at all, please help…

  8. Can you please do either 1920's inspired half moon nails, or multicolored chrome nails from "what's up nails". Thanks! 🙂

  9. Excellent tutorial and great information. I'll be checking out the keratin product you use.

  10. With how much nail polish you wear, how do you keep your nails from yellowing? You didn't include any buffing or whitening products in this video, so I'm honestly baffled. Does the carotin treatment help with that, or are your nails simply very resistant to staining?

  11. You have such beautiful skin & nails. Like someone else said in the comments, you could be a hand model! 🙂

  12. It is a little bit frustrating that almost the same video made by you is already on cutepolish…

  13. thank you،Possible practical video square shape nails.

  14. omg… yes.. I've been waiting for this.. Thankyou so much Hannah.. Love ya.. ???

  15. Thank you thank you aaaaand thank yoooou! ?❤️

  16. the sugar scrub which u used in this video can be replaced by diy hand sugar and lemon scrub by cutepolish ???

  17. Ugh you're channel is so perfect! You're my biggest inspiration! I hope my channel can be as successful and amazing as yours!!

  18. ATM I am in a dilemma as my nails are all uneven and I don't know what shape to go for…. Would be so grateful if you could help!

  19. Thank you for posting this video
    … I am obsessed with your channel … I love it and I share it with my friends and relatives…..??? your nail designs are awesome …

  20. your nail shape is so pretty and your nails look really healthy

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