HELLLLO 🙂 I hope everyone had a great week!! Today I am back with a video you guys requested! I asked in my last video if you wanted to see how I straightened my hair and a bunch of you said yes! So this one is for you 🙂 This routine takes me under 20 minutes (usually) and keeps my hair silky and frizz free until I wash it. I hope I can help anyone who is struggling! Straightening your hair can be a nightmare – believe me I know! My sister used to iron my hair with my moms legit iron LOL! I would put my head on the ironing board and everything. Luckily now they make small handheld irons that make straightening much more easy. Hehe. I hope you guys enjoy! Love you all endlessly xx Carli

**I don’t use heat protectant spray- although I do recommend it if you are straightening your hair a lot. I shower at night and braid my hair. I let it air dry before using a straightener! No products in between! xox

  • STRAIGHTENING COMB is from my bellami 12 in 1 Wand – use Code: carli12in1 for $420 off (this set also comes with a straightener!) Here
  • SIMILAR COMB by itself: Here
  • STRAIGHTENER 410 DEGREES!  (goes up to 450 degrees) Here

*I’m Not wearing any hair extensions in this video BUT
the best Hair Extensions on the market (i’ve tried them all)
are Bellami hair extensions | Code: Carlibel55 for $$ off here:

Disclaimer: this video is NOT sponsored. I was not paid in any way shape or form to create this video. All opinions are my own and honest as always. Some links posted above may be affiliate links which means I make a commission if you purchase the item.


  1. Need this hair colour, what do you use??

  2. Great video! Please may I ask where you purchased your top? I love it! 🙂

  3. Is carli's hair color dark brown or black? Someone answer me please!! I need to know

  4. she does it -15 min me:ok i can do this! (Takes an hour and a half ends up missing bus and hair goes back to curly from sprinting)

  5. I love how badly she mistreats her hair straightening it but it is still super long and full and gorgeous! ?

  6. hell nah, I can't even put it in a bread. I'll wake up, take it out, and it will still be wet.

  7. You look like a mix of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

  8. Gorgeous. Looking like a young Demi Moore. @carlibyble

  9. Does anyone have this top that they are willing to sell!?? Us size 0 or 2

  10. If you check the description, there's a code for 420 dollars off. Now the item is 249 dollars!?

  11. You are so right about the blow dryer! I grew my hair to about an inch above my hip and when I got to college ( my school is at the beach) I started rushing with doing my hair because I went to the beach and then the club every Saturday. So I would blow dry it all the time which I had made a habit of never doing and within a month and a half I lost a foot of hair… like I didn't cut it it broke off. just to be clear about how bad the blow dryer is you guys should know that I always had my hair straight I rarely ever wore buns or anything and my hair is relaxed I never had a problem with damage until I started frequently using a blow dryer… never again.

  12. whyyyyyyyyyyyy are you soooo prettyyyyyyyy!

  13. Just use coconut oil?it's cheaper

  14. My hair has been straight all my life, but a few years ago I got a curly perm and my hair hasnt been the same. It has faded over the months/years but certain parts of my hair still have a wave in it when I wake up in the morning. It's agitating. Help ?

  15. U look like Kim kardashian in the video and thumbnail

  16. I straightened my thick hair for 2 and a half hours the other day and it still wasn't straight !!!!

  17. People are so lucky to have hair that will straighten like that

  18. i'm gonna get this straightener, is it good? someone answer quick!!

  19. what name of your straightener

  20. lol ur hair looks better in the beginning ???

  21. Love all of your videos! I do have to say that i like your nails more when they're shorter cause long nails make me a bit nervous. Otjer than that, you are GORGEOUS! ?

  22. is the hair straightener you're using really good for curly hair too?

  23. i was wondering how u looks like without makeup.

  24. she looks like kim kardashian

  25. Why do u have stuff on ur ears

  26. kind of annoying how u started with your hair looking perfect and wavy. What about people that actually have thick and curly hair ?

  27. can you sent me a picture of this brush

  28. When I air dry my hair it goes greasy -.-

  29. I cut my hair til over my boobs but i want it long again and i try your tipps:)

  30. I love your hair :-)))
    I love you :-)))

  31. Omg you should make a video how to grow your hair .

  32. I used to straighten my hair and it became so dry and not healthy… Now I really wanna try to straighten again but I feel like straightener is the worst, I think a hair dryer is less damaging, right?

  33. Your videos are legit the bestttt

  34. I'm just gonna cry on my short,super wavy and thin hair that even heat doesn't work with it :'D

  35. anyone have any tips on how to repair my burnt hair as im an idiot and dont use heat protection…

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