How To: Square Sculptured Nails


  1. Stunning; my favourite shape.

  2. I wish my hands looked that pretty

  3. whats the brand of the product you are using ?

  4. Gosh, it's almost hypnotic. Beautiful work. Xx

  5. You make acrylic application looks so easy, Ii may have to give it a go

  6. My dream is to meet tammy taylor

  7. This reminds me of all the times my mom
    Has done my nail. I love getting my nails done.

  8. Hello Tammy my nail goddess just want you to know I love the new intro and phrase happy nails!

  9. is it easy to learn sculptured nails without going on a course as I am just starting out and I love the way sculpted nails look over tips.

  10. Thank u for uploading this video! I've never seen anybody explain things the way u do!

  11. You've explained this so well! You're the best in the business!

  12. I love this natural style so much ? and also the matte version ?

  13. Your nails always look perfect! Some artist I have watched need to have their nails done or cleaned underneath.

  14. Your videos are soooooooooooo oddly therapeutic….and I don't even do my nails…..!!

  15. Tammy Taylor please do my nails…

  16. ??? after the 3rd bead she says always stroke the balls ????

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