How To: Strong Tapered Sculptured Nails

The tapered nail shapes like the coffin aka ballerina and tapered square look pretty but they can be very weak and break easily.

  • Breaking is caused by OVER FILING the sides and NO C-CURVE.
  • Apply the Double Thick Competitive Edge Nail Form and make the tip of the form come more to a point (this makes it easier to taper in your product during application).
  • Free-edge application: Pat out the acrylic product on the form from side to side, making sure to come straight out from the nail groove first (THEN) Start tapering it in towards the tip.
  • Stroke product to draw product towards the tip and to thin out the tip. Note: Only Stroke the Free-edge product after Patting it into shape (too much stroking will cause a thin weak free-edge).
  • C- CURVE – the C-Curve gives you 90% of your strength. When the acrylic nail starts to dry and it is no longer shiny squeeze the C-Curve. Using your thumb nails or fingers start applying equal pressure on both sides of nail starting at the nail-bed and continuing towards the free-edge.

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  1. Do you think 37 is too old to go to nail school?

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    What number of brush is that? Whish one its propely? Please.
    From Chile my respect to you! ?

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  9. Your nails are always flawless…love it!!

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