How To Style a RED Bag!

How To Style a RED Bag!! In this video, I briefly review my Louis Vuitton Pasadena RED crossbody bag…pros, cons, and overall thoughts. I also show you 6 different outfit ideas on how to style a red bag!! It’s so easy and can truly improve your style when you incorporate a red bag into your outfit 🙂 I hope you’re inspired!!


  • Necklace I’m wearing – *Use code SHEA to save 10% on your order & get free US Shipping!*
    Stephanie Necklace (seriously amazing): Here
  • Shirt I’m wearing: Here
  • Skirt: Here
    Beige shirt w/ skirt: Here
  • Jean Jacket: Here
  • Leopard shirt: Here
    Leopard Fur Coat: Here
  • Black blouse: Here



  1. I love wearing olive with a pop of red in the summer.

  2. came here for a styling video, got half review half styling
    the review is not the problem, but just – is titling the video that hard?

  3. Hi Shay! First of all I love your channel! After watching this video you really convinced me to buy a red bag.. but I need your advice: is the monogram vernis Leather really difficult to mantain? I’d love to keep this bag forever with me because it will be my first luxury bag and I don’t want babysitter it!
    Thank you so much for you time and advice ??

  4. Can you also make a video with your purple gucci bag on how to wear it ?

  5. Love red, and I do actually have a red bag. And now I know exactely how to style it ❤️❤️ unfortunately my red bag is just a cheap bag from a clothing store here in Norway…so while watching this video I am dreaming of the red LV bag your have there!! Omg! Thank you Shea for this amazing video?

  6. Thank you so much for this video… Just bought red bag prada saffiano and now i know how to dress ..

  7. Thank you, I just bought a red bag and was trying to only match with red 🙁 this video made my day great Ideas! I'm ready to use my red bag more often!

  8. Been wanting a red bag but have been hesitating thanks for this video gives me that extra encouragement to just go for it!

  9. Beautiful bag and great video!.  Love red and considering getting this bag.  Would you at some point do a "what fits" in this red bag?

  10. My sister love leopard everything, but my favorite color is red! That’s a beautiful bag babe

  11. Love this video!!! I have learned soooo much. Thank You

  12. Has LV discontinued this bag im not finding it on the site?

  13. Still so new to your channel I am watching old videos. 🙂 I dug my Alexander McQueen mini red Heroine bag from the back of the closet (so five years ago!) and add it to navy, olive & some shades of brown. This video was a great idea! Kisses, M.~

  14. I love all your videos Shea. I can’t wait to see more. Great job!

  15. I literally watched this video 4 times since I found it lol I'm I weird ? Anyways love your videos great tips as always

  16. Thanks for sharing these tips and ideas!

  17. I wish you had shown the shoes you were wearing with each outfit

  18. starts shopping for a red bag

  19. Hey shea what do you think of the Louis Vuitton – Victoire Bag in cherry red ? Do you think it’s a good investment?

  20. Hi Shea! I just love how you pull things together! It's just amazing to see how well you play with this lovely red purse. Well done! New subie here?

  21. Love these ideas ?. Thank you!

  22. I'm curious, what other interests/ hobbies do you have besides brands?

  23. Omg literally tweeted all my favourite bloggers to create this video and long behold… here it is! Thank you xxx

  24. Gorgeous styling. I watched your call in Jerusha s vlogtober, you two are so awesome

  25. The Nordstrom and Aldo bags for under $100 that you posted are GOLD…thanks for finding those! ❤️

  26. My issue with red bags is shoe choice… do you usually wear red shoes as well? I feel like it's too matchy-matchy with most looks, and yet often feel like the red stands out too much by itself if worn alone. Great video, LOVE your bag! Macy's has a simple red Ralph Lauren saddle bag on sale now for well under a hundred dollars.

  27. Great ideas! I have a red bag that I use frequently, and I find all of these styling tips to be absolutely true. TFS!

  28. Are you worry about color transfer from dark clothes like jean or black outfit to your varnish bag? If you have any tip, please tell me! And I think it’s great idea red bag with leopard.^^

  29. Hi shea. what about elongated stripes. is it OK or the horizontal one is better. l like to know what u say. l love ur videos.

  30. I recently purchased a lipstick red Chanel cross-body in Paris, and I absolutely love it for exactly the same reasons you mention. I love it w/ stripped t-shirts, denim, leopard print (jackets, shoes, scarves), navy or black blazer w/white shirt. It elevates just about anything to a more stylish level. Plus it adds an element of fun to an outfit. BTW love your video!

  31. Hey! I don't comment often, but I just wanted to say how much I love your channel and look forward to each video every week! Quality content!

  32. That bag is beautiful! Thanks for the outfit ideas – they're so stylish and really showcase the bag! And the bag really pulls the outfits together! ??

  33. I love your red bag,the color is gorgeous,but when you wear jeans and denim,do you worry about the color will transfer to the bag?Actually it happened. I have many bags have this kind of situations.

  34. I love having a red bag! I have the Prada cahier in red and it matches everything! It just makes everything more classy and more put together!

  35. Love this video!! That bag and those outfits are to die for. Where did you get the black pants you wore in the all black outfit?!! They look so classy.

  36. These were actually very good styling tips! Even though I don't like this particular bag and the clothes are really not my atyle I can see the points made. In order to use a red bag you also need to really really love a red bag though… I used to have a YSL Belle du Jour clutch in the perfect red colour but I never used it! Every time I could have worn it with my outfit I ended up choosing another bag.

  37. You know I love this bag. Great tips….really love the look with the colorful pant and the neutral. TFS????

  38. Tj maxx has great designer bags too for less money if you still want designer quality????

  39. Would you consider putting your size next to each link? That would be very helpful!

  40. Great topic for a video hun. This does make me reconsider red bags…

  41. I live in Brasil and to think to buy it is impossible, for us Brazilian it costs three times more

  42. That’s me most days black on black & with my red Gucci bag it looks spot on !

  43. Hello! I just wanted to say I love the one other video of yours that I watched and I decided to subscribe! Have a good day ?

  44. Love it! I heard denim on denim is out of date. Help because I stopped wearing it.

  45. Great video! Where did you get the gray sweater you are wearing with the denim jacket? Can you post the link please?

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