How to Style Over the Knee Boots

Hi guys! In this video I’m showing you how to style over the knee boots. Knee-high boots are a staple in my fall wardrobe and they work well with SO many different outfits!


  1. hmm nice selection of clothes and the boots are nice! in order to not destroy your outfit if you visit some place where you need to remove your footweat do you wear socks with somewhat the same colour with the remaining clothes or you don't mind..?

  2. you have a beautiful voice and you speak really well 🙂

  3. How about a midi sweater dress w/ over knee boots? Good combo? Or not?

  4. Good video. My favorite look to styling over the knee boots would have to be sweater dresses with blanket scarves. As I understand, blanket scarves are very hot now. Especially on days when it's not so cold out and you won't need to wear A winter coat. Of course, you'd need A purse and maybe one or two pieces of jewelry to tie it all together. While I watched your video, all this just happened to come to my mind and I thought I'd share it with you.

  5. Love the first look the best! Love the contrast in silhouette!

  6. You are such a clean sexy natural beauty. At barely under 5'4" though, I don't have the height to know how it would look on me before purchasing. U can wear anything and look your best.Btw it's refreshing to see a woman wear styles trendy and sexy, but not degrading to respect for women.

  7. This is random but I love ur wall color ? is it gray?

  8. Cute outfits! How tall are you? I'm thinking of purchasing a pair of over the knee boots but I'm not sure if they'd look good on me since I'm only 5'3..

  9. the only sure fire way to stop boot slide is tie at back

  10. My OTK suede boots keep sliding down 🙁 I’ve tried wearing them with otk socks to create friction but they still slide down but just a tiny bit slower. Anyone have a tips ? will fashion tape help or be strong enough ?

  11. Wow, you are so beautiful !!! These thigh high boots make you look even more sexy !!! Thanks for this great video, I love it. I`ll be your fan now…

  12. Love your style! Look 1 and 3 were my faves but I could wear them all. Can you do wardrobe basics video and what to look for in quality clothes (fabric, etc)? I'm starting to invest more in my wardrobe but not sure where to start. Thanks!

  13. very nice pair of over the knee boots i think u love them!

  14. Loving all the videos! Keep it up 🙂

  15. Your videos lately have definitely been on point. You're so pretty! Keep up the great work. Love the 2nd look the best. So cute!

  16. cute!(^o^)I like the chambray most.

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