How to Super-Secure Gems and Bling

Suzie has just returned from the ISSE Long Beach show with a terrific technique and new product to secure Gems and have them REALLY stay on!

Products Featured in this Video:


  1. what if she will do cristine nails. hmmmmm

  2. Genuine question: How do you take them off?

  3. I bought this product and used it as suggested.The nowipe gell top coat dryed nicely but the gummy jelly was still quite wet even after 90 sec. in the UV lamp so what do you sugesst to make the design more solid?

  4. wow.that's the way i put my blings with no wipe gel. and with my crystal katana. .beautiful model and nails.tfs.guys.

  5. Could you provide the link for the neutral color beneath the silver gel polish. Is that nude color an acrylic powder or a gel? I think it is so beautiful.

  6. OMG!!! I Freaking Love This!!! I got to get all these items!

  7. i wanted to see when u cleaned it to see if the stones stayed

  8. How do you operate with those on!?

  9. Hi, where did you buy the rhinestones in the middle bowl. thanks

  10. I love how you do nail's Iv learned a lot about doing nail's from you Susie your a inspiration hunny Thankyou I'll send you some that iv done hun Thankyou your really a inspiration to me hun my son say's hello and he said he love's how you do nail's to

  11. Suzie I wish you could do my nails your work is so beautiful and I love it! every time I have my nails done some how my nails some of them are arched more than others and some look flat it drives me crazy

  12. I've been looking for a good way to get my bling to stay on! I'm not a nail tech, so I don't have access to the 'good stuff that requires a license to buy, so THANK YOU so much for reviewing a product that nail enthusiasts can purchase! I already bought mine from that adorable site (and a few other things), so excited to try it!

  13. Tried this and it works great! Thx bunches!

  14. wow i want this nails is so much beautyfull i love it ??????

  15. Omg all nail techs should use this method from now on!! I'm in love?? I don't do nails at all nor do I wish to learn how to but I love bling on my nails and my gems/stones fall off within 3 days or less. Life saver you are ??

  16. she is very kind to her friends sge offers them things that would be perfect for theid nails! (:

  17. you're beautiful you are amazing. from:Taylor Kane. to :the amazing?????????????????????????????

  18. Suzie your salon is in Vancouver right? When I go out there next summer maybe I'll come in and get my nails done? 🙂

  19. I bought this and I'm very disappointed the diamond fall easily it didn't even last a week

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