HOW To Transform your LEGGINGS | 4 LEGGING HACKS EVERY Girl MUST Know !! ( NO SEW )


  1. Am I the only one who rests their device on their leg, then moves a little and the volume BLASTS AND EVERYTHING IS SUPER FREAKING LOUD?

  2. Does she have a scar under her left breast ??

  3. Ugh I feel sick and idk if I'm hungry or sick it's 1am

  4. Can't stop watching theses hacks ???? I love them sooo much !! And can't wait to try them out for myself ❤️❤️

  5. I love u so so so much

  6. i love this video's can you make more i made already much clothes with my fathers old t shirts

  7. I did the legging crop top !!! just look at it on my snap pls ?

  8. in shorts u looking hot as hell … ❤❤u dea… ur have perfect curve that every girl want ..

  9. did anyone else see the hole in her thigh area with her blue lace leggings

  10. how about old tank tops? I normally make them night shirt for the summer but if there is other uses that would be great

  11. You should do sandals or tennis. Like colors, stamps, scarfs around the sandals… etc

  12. First video of yours I've seen, subscribing lol! Can I ask where the pink top from your intro please it looks so good ??? xxxx

  13. this video is very dope!! I have grown in my tummy area so I have leggings I can't wear at the moment, so Yaya, cuz like u said they are so cute

  14. Can your next video be how to transform your jeans xx

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