How To Use Sally Hansen’s Design 3D Nail Stickers!

These kits retail for $7.99 and you can find them here on  Amazon!


  1. How did you cut the appliqué to your nap shape perfectly

  2. Hi Hannah! What nail shape would you recommend for teens?

  3. Interesting! Is is difficult to remove? Does the sticker dissolve with nail polish remover?

  4. I can’t find it on Amazon ? I really want to get it?

  5. The last top coat dulled the pattern to me

  6. I've tried to find them online at both CVS and amazon and I cannot find them anywhere! I even searched Sally Hansen… do you have a link? Love how these turned out! Thank you!

  7. Thanks this really helped me understand them better

  8. This is really cool! Thanks for sharing! ?

  9. Looks so cool. Will have to check them out

  10. oooh…!!! this is really cool?? i wana try these??

  11. I doubt if the Base colour has to b applied on the top of the sticker!

  12. Awesome result on you ? I have too curved nails to use these…

  13. I thought u just apply the sticker but now I see you apply another layer of nail polish over it…

  14. Nice Hannah and I'm hoping you saw the photo of my nails I sent you on messager

  15. This actually is an amazing product!

  16. I've been waiting for you to do these! ? When I used them I couldn't get the applique to show; it just looked kinda lumpy. Any tips?

  17. Yay! I was hoping you’d review these.

  18. Where can we get these? Hope in our local stores ?

  19. Hi love it ??thank you for sharing?

  20. Omg I haven’t been able to watch her videos. I miss thissssssssssssss

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