How To Wake Up Early & Change your life!


  1. do NOT put your fav song as your alarm??‍♀️ you will never be able to enjoy it again

  2. Please do a new morning routine for 2018

  3. Loved this! #notificationsquad!!!! Loved this video so much! It gave me GREAT IDEAS!!!❤️
    Jenna’s Goals!?:
    1. Get better grades in math
    2. Stretch more(I’m working on my left splits and middle splits)✅
    3. Wake up earlier?
    4. Lay around less
    5. Be more productive!!!✅
    6. Change my alarm sound hehehe!
    7. Drink more water✅
    8. Write about things more
    (The ones that I checked are accomplished but I still included them?)

  4. Wait is toronto in canada or america

  5. love love love this! definitely NEEDED ?

  6. My school starts at 6:30 so I need to get up so freaking early ?

  7. Can you do clothing life hacks

  8. Lmao I wanna get up early so I’m not late to school every day

  9. I love sleeping in but I hate waking up late cuz it feels like I don’t have time to do stuff anymore?

  10. My goal is to become a Sexy Teen

  11. I love your videos there so inspirational and they get me to wanna wake up earlier my goal is to make a YouTube channel and get good grades and just be happy love ya ?♥️?❤️

  12. Thank you soooo much for making such beautiful, wholesome, uplifting, and inspiring videos! There's so much negativity in the world and I always know I can turn to you for positivity ☀️ love you xoxo

  13. Yes! I needed this so much…… I need to wake up early for school and my goal is to do well in school.

  14. Can you do a hack video for white teeth ? Love u

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