How To Waterfall Braid – Hair Tutorial for Beginners!

Let’s learn how to waterfall braid! This hair tutorial should help whether you’re a pro or a beginner!

I hope you enjoy this little compilation of my personal steps for creating a waterfall braid. The finger moves are a little trickier this time than my other braids, but if you stick with it you’ll get it! Let me know what other braids for beginners you’d like to see!

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  1. Boxers braid please!

  2. That was the best explanation of waterfall braiding others are tooooo confusing

  3. Can u do a video on how to style thick hair plz

  4. I'd love to see a French style Celtic braid or something hing to that effect? I've tried out the Celtic method with the way I'd do a French plait but it just doesn't have the same weave as a he normal Celtic, it's nice though, and great for work.

  5. I soooo needed this kaylie thank u!!!!!!!

  6. I could try this. But i know i will not be able to do it properly and if somehow I do, it won't show one bit in my hair.
    Edit- I did do it. And it was beautiful. Gosh I loved it though it was a little loose and didn't show up nicely in my hair. But still very pretty.

  7. Most unhelpful video I have ever watched

  8. For some reason I can't do this. Every other braid works but this….

  9. u r amazing…i love ur hairstyle videos…?????? thanks for uploading such a easy and wonderful method

  10. lol I have thick curly hair why am I watching this…

  11. I want to learn how to do a fish tale braid

  12. omg i did it!…..its ugly right now but i did it! yay!

  13. love this video it is super thorough and i think this will be helpful to any beginners love your work keep teaching you have a talent!

  14. That was really hard I will practice it some more but you look like me are you my evil clone?

  15. Unfortunately this video was not filmed well. In the beginning, where you are learning the steps, the camera is not over the braid, instead it kind of cuts your head off. Also why isnt there a top view of what you are doing? I have no idea what a "lace" and whatever steps are if I cant see it properly.

  16. Well done! Great way of explaining it. 🙂

  17. I love how u made it so detailed and u repeated how to do it

  18. Wow you deserve more recognition, you teach braiding so well without actually physically doing in front of people and it works 🙂 you're hair channel is definitely one of the best

  19. This is a little of a weird question: but how do you get such perfect armpits!!!??? Whenever I shave them they end up with red lumps there and I don't know how to stop it but you always seem to have clean spotless armpits!! Could you do a care routine video for that?

  20. Please still do the French braid video ?❤️

  21. Why did I just watch this whole video on hair braiding wtf is going on but she is sexy and cute

  22. Love you from Louisiana. So wish I could do this, I think I. Well try it

  23. Wondering if u could do one of those fish tail French braids! It would be really awesome of you to do that. Thank you and I love lots!!

  24. I know twitter spoke bit would you please do a French braid breakdown? I can do Dutch braids til kingdom come on my own head, just not French ones. Please help.

  25. I would love it if you could make a tutorial on a mermaid braid, I have seen so many pictures of them on Pinterest and have attempted so many times to do this braid by the step-by-step pics and it always ends up failing. So if you would consider this it would be very much appreciated. ❤

  26. Can you do Harry Potter hairstyles and hunger games hairstyles please!!!

  27. can you do back to school hairstyles please !? 😉

  28. Your hair… Just let it be! God

  29. Love your deep dive videos!!!! ????

  30. OMG thank you so much! I've been trying this hairstyle and I've never done it right but this looks so easy and is a really helpful video. I can't wait to try! ❤️

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